Hurl Damnation (mutation)

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Rank Effect Flavor
1 Improved willpower (equal to Will+).
Enemies take damage when you resist their enchantments.
You punish those that try to bend your will.
2 Torment resistance. You are resistant to unholy torment.
3 Hurl Damnation for 15% of max HP. You can hurl damnation.

Damage from demonic will scales with the power of the spell resisted: 3 + 1d(spell_power / 10)

At XL 27, damnation damage is 3d42. Ignores AC and fire resistance, but not damnation resistance.

Good mutation, Demonspawn mutation


  • Prior to 0.27, rank 1 granted rF+, and rank 2 granted flaming cloud immunity.
  • Prior to 0.15, rank 1 granted scroll conservation, and rank 2 granted rF+.