Inhibited Regeneration

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Rank Effect Flavor
1 No regular HP regeneration when monsters are in line of sight. You do not regenerate when monsters are visible.

Jiyva's regen and Trog's Hand function normally, though all other external regeneration sources fail.
For this mutation's history, see Inhibited Regeneration#History.

Species Notes: Ghouls start at rank 1.
Vampires have this mutation when Bloodless, and thus unable to get it randomly.

Bad mutation


  • Prior to 0.20, this mutation was called slow regeneration, and it had 3 ranks: at rank 1, regeneration was slowed when monsters were visible, rank 2 was the current rank 1, and at rank 3 regeneration was completely stopped.
  • Prior to 0.17, this mutation was called slow healing.