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Command macros allow you to combine common key sequences into a single command. To create a macro, Press either the '~' key or Ctrl-D, select 'm' to define a macro.

For detailed documentation on macros, see the macros_guide.txt.


  • 1 --> Za : Press key '1' to cast the spell in slot 'a'
  • 2 --> ZnZm : Press key '2' to cast spells in slot 'n' and 'm' (i.e. for casting multiple buff spells in one keystroke).
  • 7 --> Qr : Press key '7' to quiver item in slot 'r'
  • 8 --> Fr : Press key '8' to fire a missile from slot 'r'
  • 9 --> PiPj paired with 0 --> PjPi : Quickly switch between two rings/amulets in slots 'i' and 'j'
  • Ctrl-? --> Ctrl-F. : Press Ctrl-? and then Enter to search for all items on the current floor.

Online .macro files

Any online player's .macro file can be accessed directly (if they have set macros):

  • CAO:<version>/<name>.macro (Example)
  • CDO:<version>/<name>.rc (Example)
  • CSZO:<version>/<name>.rc (Example)
  • <version> can be 0.11,0.12, trunk, git, etc.
  • <player> is the player's name (capitalization does make a difference).