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Changelog for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.12.0.

Stone Soup 0.12 (20130501)

0.12 highlights

  • Axes have a cleaving attack, hitting up to 7 enemies around you.
  • The Vaults branch is five levels deep, with a distinct layout and several new types of guards.
  • Abyss has multiple levels of increasing difficulty, more varied terrain, and many new thematic monsters.
  • Conjurers get a new starting book of offensive non-elemental spells.
  • Beogh and Yredelemnul let you recall allies across dungeon levels.
  • Major changes to Vehumet.
  • Friendly summons no longer attack out of sight.
  • Secret doors are no more.

Branches, environment

  • The Hall of Blades layout has been adjusted, and now contains two weapons with "interesting brands" instead of just one.
  • The Abyss is revamped yet again. It now contains five (still infinite) levels of increasing difficulty. Each level is composed of regions with different layouts, most of which are more static than before. The rune appears only at the third level and below, more frequently at deeper levels.
  • The Abyssal rune always appears in a vault, never lying around on the floor.
  • Having the Abyssal rune greatly increases the generation of Abyss exits.
  • Many Ziggurat floors have more fine-tuned monster-sets, and a few monster sets have been replaced entirely.
  • Three new Dungeon Sprint maps: "Thunderdome" by evilmike, "The Pits" and "Arena of Blood" both by st.
  • The Abyss no longer exists in Sprint.
  • New layouts for Cocytus, Gehenna, the Snake Pits, and the main Dungeon.
  • More layouts allowed in Zot.
  • New Lair branch ending vaults, and many other new vaults.
  • More decorative vaults are now placed.
  • "Special rooms" (kobold/orc rooms, beehives, morgues, jelly pits) have been adjusted, now appear at more appropriate depths and layouts, and no longer place doors.
  • A new "special room" - the mythical zoo, with standard high fantasy beasts.
  • New "runed door" feature: won't be opened by auto-explore or by monsters. Becomes a regular door when opened.
  • Alarm traps only trigger once, but make monsters swarm towards you for some time.






  • Followers of worshippers of Beogh and Yredelemnul can now be recalled across levels.
  • Followers of Beoghites now share experience when the player scores kills.
  • Yredelemnul gives a small amount of piety for desecrating holy remains.
  • Vehumet is overhauled: Now grants damaging spells one-at-a-time (available from the (M)emorization screen), partially based on your elemental skills. No longer supports summoning, accepts ally kills, or reduces spell MP cost.
  • Zin's Imprisonment placement is much more forgiving, pushing adjacent monsters out of the way if possible.
  • Lugonu's Enter the Abyss no longer reduces maximum HP or MP.
  • Lugonu no longer gives piety for anything in the Abyss.
  • Mobile Fedhas-granted allies follow you across levels en masse.
  • New Xom effects: loud noises, blink monsters, enchant monster (petrify, slow, paralysis, enslavement; haste, might, invisibility), summon shadow creatures.
  • Xom does not reduce stats as drastically, unless bored.
  • Xom will not animate or swap weapons in the Abyss, and will not hostilely animate your weapon at all anymore.


  • Many updated tiles.
  • A new Android Port with touch-screen support.
  • New options: auto_sacrifice, dump_on_save, item_glyph, monster_list_colour, tile_cell_pixels, tile_filter_scaling.
  • Removed options: sacrifice_before_explore (now part of auto_sacrifice), annotate_item_class, annotate_item_dropped, autoinscribe_artefacts, show_no_ctele, menu_colour_prefix_class, menu_colour_shops, list_rotten.
  • Player action counts and generated vaults are now included in dumps by default.
  • List options can be prepended to with ^=.
  • The "evil_eating" and "evil_item" menu-colouring prefixes are renamed to "forbidden".
  • Explosion and cloud spells will try to target a spot adjacent to an out-of-range monster before falling back to the player's position, but will ignore plants.
  • It is possible to restrict a ctrl-f stash search to the current level by prefixing it with "@".
  • Swap the cycle ammunition commands. '(' = backward, ')' = forward.
  • Webtiles supports real-time animations, toggleable via F10.
  • Webtiles displays miniature health and MP bars on the player.
  • Allies can now be ordered to retreat in a specific direction.


  • Numerous crash fixes.
  • Crashes during level transition no longer result in broken saves.