Passage of Golubria

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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Passage of golubria.png Passage of Golubria
Level 4
School1 Translocation
Source(s) Great Wizards, Vol. VII
Book of the Moon
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 8
Power Cap 100
Range 2-7
Flags Escape, Neutral, Selfench, Target
Opens two gateways (one always near the caster), which allow instantaneous transport to random other open gateways to any creature entering them. There is no limit to the number of gateways that can be open at one time, but a gateway will close when entered, or after a moderate amount of time.

Passage of Golubria is a level 4 Translocations spell which creates a wormhole, allowing instantaneous passage between two points.

Useful Info

When cast, you select a target tile within range. There must be enough empty space for a portal to generate. Two portals are immediately created: one will be near you, and the other will be on or near the selected tile. Entering a portal's tile (if on top of one, use >) will immediately teleport you to another portal, noisily destroying the entry portal in the process. The destination portal remains, and is usable if there are other portals.

Each casting creates two additional portals, and when there's more than one possible exit portal, one is randomly selected to serve as a destination. This makes it difficult to use the spell with much precision after its first use, though existing portals do deteriorate rather quickly (30-49 turns[1], regardless of spell power). All portals disappear when you leave the level.

A portal will only form on ground tiles; shallow or deep water, lava, stairs, altars, doors (closed or open), or any other dungeon feature are inelgible. A portal can be formed on tiles with clouds, where its location might not be obvious (use 'X' to examine the map and locate it).

This is not an authentic teleport, so even Formicids can use it as a makeshift Blink with enough time to prepare.

On any level of the Realm of Zot, or while holding the Orb of Zot, the Passage will be less accurate and expire quicker (in 10-19 turns). It is completely unusable in the Gauntlet.


The spell is not entirely silent; any portal that is entered or allowed to dissipate will make a modest amount of noise. Creating portals or exiting from a portal is silent, however, so feel free to use this to help close the distance to an enemy with fewer turns spent in its line of sight. Just be sure that your entrance portal is some distance away and preferably behind a door or wall.

Monsters will enter your portals as well, if they're dumb enough or if there's no alternate route between you and them. This allows you to create traps and separate bands of enemies. In areas with lots of lava or deep water, you may be able to strand dangerous enemies on islands or on the opposite side of a river, effectively preventing their pursuit.

As an escape spell, be careful when casting more than once. If, say, you are running away while a horde is in fast pursuit, an immediate second casting of the spell has a 50% chance of delivering you right back where you were, with the horde now interposed between yourself and your original destination. On the other hand, if you have run 20 tiles after the first use, being blinked to your original site might not be an unwanted outcome. This is one way to use a low powered Passage.

Wormhole tile
Golubrian passage.png


  • Prior to 0.28, this spell could create passages from full LOS, regardless of spell power.
  • Prior to 0.26, this spell did not function at all in the Realm of Zot or while holding the Orb.
  • Prior to 0.19, this spell functioned normally in the Realm of Zot.
  • Prior to 0.10, only one set of gateways could exist at one time.


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