Robe of Augmentation

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A silk robe, woven with enchantments to enhance the wearer's physical and mental abilities.

Robe of augmentation.png the +4 robe of Augmentation

+4 robe

+4 strength
+4 intelligence
+4 dexterity


The robe of Augmentation[1] provides decent defense (for a robe) and a few stat boosts. While the stats are helpful, for most characters, they aren't that impactful. Any character may prefer an armour with higher defense and/or resistances. Casters in particular will likely prefer a robe of the Archmagi, for its larger spellpower boost. But in any case, it's better than plain robes and ring mails.

Dexterity/Dodging-focused characters arguably get the most from this robe, due to how dexterity scales. The higher your Dodging skill, the more EV you get per point of dexterity. A character with 25 Dodging will get +4 EV, in addition to extra SH and weapon damage. That being said, by the time you reach 25 Dodging, you might find a randart with better overall defense.

This artefact is more likely to spawn in the early game, where it is more likely to be useful (and less likely for you to find alternatives).


  • This item was made more explicitly likely to spawn in the early-game in 0.28.