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Hey Beef, I'm glad to see you contributing, but I have a few requests about the guide:

  • Could you argue for Trog without putting down Mahkleb and Okawaru quite so much? Trog is a very good, very straightforward god, but so are the other two. It's misleading to new players to be told right off the bat that Trog is good, Oka and Mak are bad.
  • You mention that moving diagonally requires use of weird keys... You do know that you can move with your keyboard's number pad, right? There's also the weird one in the middle of the keyboard which you seem to be using, but the number pad is by far the more logical choice (unless you like the mouse).
  • You recommend both shields and ranged weapons, and also refer to slings as bad. Slings are actually the only ranged weapon launcher that isn't massively delayed by shields, soooooo you might want to adjust that.
  • I'd mention that Brothers in Arms eats a significant chunk of piety with each use. It should certainly be used, but you should try to rely on lesser abilities when there's no real risk involved. Burning through your piety also makes Brothers in Arms less effective, as you only get trolls and ogres at high piety.
  • One of your recommendations is that if you get badly cursed early on, you should just quit and start over. I can understand the logic there, but strategy guides should really be designed so that you can learn to properly deal with bad situations. Recommending the player intentionally lose is a major no-no.
  • For catoblepases, you may want to recommend the player teleports away while petrifying if they're low on health and won't survive getting gored a bit. You'll usually wind up somewhere safer...
  • You should also specify why bladed weapons are bad against hydras. Alternatively, you could just tell players to read the wiki article on them, since it's all written out there :P
  • Warning people about the Abyss only really helps if you tell them how they might wind up there. Admittedly, sometimes there's no way to know that your enemy has a distortion weapon until it's already banished you, but there are definitely precautions you can take.

--MoogleDan (talk) 16:45, 7 August 2014 (CEST)

Can do. I probably gotta fix up some errors and polish up the guide quite a bit.

I didn't know you could move diagonally with numbpad ('.')