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A frazzled-looking site administrator, prone to obsessive-compulsive Wiki editing and nervously checking the "Recent changes" page every few moments. Though normally timid, he tends toward an unhealthy degree of territoriality and can be fierce when his sense of authority is challenged. He's working with his therapist on this, honest.

In the deepest depths of the Bureaucracy, he stands guard over the paperpushing rune of Zot.

By Xom's will I just can't be beat!
With mutations I am so replete.
I ignore heat and cold,
Regrow flesh like a troll,
And have razor sharp claws 'pon my feet.

Oh god, no, stop Xom! I don't want this!
Now I scream like that singer from KISS,
And I'm weak as a moth
And as slow as a sloth
As I drag my ass through the Abyss.

-The Chaos Knight, MoogleDan. 2014.

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