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I’m not sure I understand the new strategy section. What is meant by capstone? Why former hex specialists and not current hex specialists (by giving irresistible effects it does a good job rounding out the rest of the school, and the blind allows stabs, which complements the common enchanter play style)? Why players who swapped to a different magical means of killing, but not those who have swapped to a light armor physical build (dex weapons)?

Capstone means top of class (Noxious Bog for poison, Kiku's spell gift...), a universially useful "parting gift" after you swap from hexes. I don't recommend to train Hexes *just* for Enfeeble; I believe it's not nearly as good as, say, OoD, as a L7 killdudes spell.
So I'm not sure what Hexers can kill things with past Confusing Touch and before Enfeeble (besides Anguish, which requires summon/necro). That's why there is a bias towards Former hexes rather than current. It is useful for players who have swapped - not that it isn't for those who haven't. I didn't consider light armour DEX dudes either. ~~