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The melee version of kiting?

Given the definition of kiting as set forth in this article (and the handful of other places on the interwebs where the term is similarly defined), it would seem that kiting, in the strictest sense, can only be accomplished with ranged attacks. I'm not sure how ashamed I should be that I had, for a great while (and evidently quite erroneously), thought that the tactic was more or less viable for melee attacks as well.

Specifically, in a Dungeon Crawl setting, against worms, goliath beetles, and other slow creatures. You know, the attack, back up a tile or two, wait for them to (re)approach, rinse and repeat. I know I'm not the only person that handles some slow monsters this way (right?). Anyway, my question is the following:

  • is it not the case that you can 'kite' a monster with melee attacks, as this article implies?
  • if doing so is not technically kiting, is there a term for such a practice? (attacking and backing?)

In all seriousness, whether it is or is not, it might be worth addressing in this article, since it seems to me that attacking slower monsters in a kiting sort of way is an appreciable in-game tactic, no? --Buddy23Lee (talk) 05:27, 31 August 2015 (CEST)