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Sig figs

I've now evaluated that the decimal places of your Spellcasting skill are more relevant than I knew! They are so to call "Significant figures" (Sig figs). Example given: if you (by which means ever) attained an Intelligence value of 27 (high potential character) and reach happily a Spellcasting of "9,3" it makes your spell hunger retreat to "none" for Lev4-Spells (Airstrike, Mystic blast) and your L5 spells bearable (Agony, Dispel Undead, Fireball...). * 9,3 x 27 = 251,1 * (250 = treshold value, 9 x 27 = 243) -- Bwijn 12:18, 3 April 2013 (CEST)