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Name {{{name}}}
Skill {{{skill}}}
Damage {{{damage}}}
Accuracy {{{accuracy}}}
Base delay (%) {{{basedelay}}}
"{{{basedelay}}}" is not a number.
Min delay {{{mindelay}}}
"{{{mindelay}}}" is not a number.
Hands {{{hands}}}
Size {{{size}}}
Ranged? {{{ranged}}}

Put this template at the top of every weapon page. Call it like this:

 |name        = 
 |skill       = 
 |skill2      = optional
 |damage      = 
 |accuracy    = 
 |basedelay   =
 |mindelay    =
 |hands       = One, Half, Double, Two
 |size        = Small, Medium, Large, Big
 |ranged      = "<missile> required" or "Throwable"
 |damtype     = Piercing, Slashing, Slicing, Stabbing, Chopping, Crushing