Weapon damage

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Weapon damage is your base weapon damage, multiplied by strength modifier, multiplied by weapon skill and fighting skill modifiers. Slaying bonuses and weapon enchantment are added afterwards. Actual damage components are randomly rolled in four places: Strength modifier, 1d(Base * Strength modifier), Weapon skill modifier and Fighting modifier.

Damage formula

Damage = {[1d(Base damage * Strength modifier +1)-1] * Weapon skill modifier * Fighting modifier + Misc modifiers + Slaying bonuses} * Final multipliers + Stabbing bonus - AC damage reduction
  • Base damage:
    • Unarmed combat: 3 + UC (can be changed by some spells, see Unarmed combat)
    • Using a weapon: Base damage of the weapon
  • Strength modifier:
    • If Strength > 10: (39+((1d(Strength-8)-1)*2))/39
    • If Strength < 10: (39-((1d(12-Strength)-1)*3))/39
    • If Strength = 10: 1
  • Weapon skill modifier: Multiply by [2499 + 1d(100 * weapon_skill +1)]/2500 (not applied to unarmed combat)
  • Fighting modifier: Multiply by [3999 + 1d(100 * fighting_skill +1)]/4000
  • Misc modifiers:
    • Might or Berserk: +1d10
    • If you are starving: -1d5 + 1 (bloodless vampires don't suffer this penalty)
  • Slaying bonuses:
    • Effective enchantment = Weapon enchantment + Slaying bonus
    • If Eff. enchantment > 0: + 1d(1 + Eff. enchantment) - 1
    • If Eff. enchantment < 0: - 1d(1 - Eff. enchantment) + 1
  • Final multipliers:
  • Stabbing bonus: See stabbing.
  • AC damage reduction: See AC.

Some considerations:

  • The main contributions to weapon damage are: base damage, weapon skill (Maximum of +108% at level 27) and fighting skill (Maximum of +67.5% at level 27).
  • Effect of weapon and fighting skills is random. Linear distribution between 0 and the maximum.
  • As you can see, at very low skill levels, the value of base damage and enchantment is approximately the same, but for skilled characters base damage is much more important than enchantment.
  • Weapon brands that use multiplicative bonuses, calculate the additional amount of damage as a percentage of the damage described in this page (including AC damage reduction). This additional amount of damage ignores AC, but it can be affected by resistances or vulnerabilities.


Between 0.8 and 0.13, melee weapons of speed suffered a -10% penalty to damage.

In 0.13 the effect of stats on melee was doubled.