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By the way, I started gaming DCSS in July 2012. And now I'm here. For this wiki is important!

Name is Cocteau. Hope it will be some good cooperation!

As a matter of facts I know Wikis - from editing Wikipedia. But I really don't know yet formatting Crawl contents. So tell me if I should have gone astray in changing details. User talk Site, not here!

Why don't instruments play any role in DCSS (unlike Nethack)?

Encountered Artifacts


The Ring of Robustness was found in the centre of a nice vault defended by lots of hard battling Iron golems and Metal gargoyles.


  • the ring "Ogoquj" {*TELE +Tele rC-} (bought it in a shop in a bazaar)
  • the +1 pair of gloves of the Cicada (worn) {Str+3 Int+3} (found it on level 8 of the Lair of Beasts)
  • the +2,+4 hammer "Chelel" (weapon) {drain, -CAST +Blink rC+} (took it off a centaur on level 17 of the Dungeon)
  • the dagger "Gouso" {slay orc, rF++} (found it on level 5 of the Lair of Beasts)
  • the quarterstaff "Yrefoxi" {pain, Str+3} (bought it in a shop in a bazaar)

Collected Ideas

This list is just about possibilities I stumbled upon while using the wiki. If anybody believes s/he 'd like to discuss those ideas please use User talk site!

  • If the values (mostly numbers) of tables would be centered, it'd look/read much better! - less important, but better design! E.g. Noise#Ranged combat.

Features of DCSS I'd change

  • I dislike features like "Used weapon shops". Experience tells me: shops are mostly damned rare. So "flavour features" that are a mere nuisance should be eliminated.
  • To choose a kobold/ghoul that can eat whenever he likes is a pleasure! It's okay that food is rare and precious. But to get the necessary amulet of gourmand is too hazard dependent.
  • Hunger is a very basic emergency. So it's completely against my feeling that it is displayed only at status line. A sound alarm should be implemented for cases of severe hunger.
  • Shapeshifters that are nearly defeated change shape: suddenly their hitpoints are at 100%. Sometimes repeatedly. I hate this ill implementation as against all logic.

Disadvantages of 0.11 tiles

Finally even I have updated to 0.11. The first impression: a damned lot of graphics have been changed. Two of the new splash screen pictures I do not like at all. Their aesthetics remind me of Perry Rhodan SF or alike. And e.g. the jakals have become much uglier. The plants graphics on the other hand became more handsome.

Much more important are the very different graphics of potions. In the new version you need VERY sharp eyes to detect which is which. For example the potions of might and agility are quite similar. Many potions and scrolls are not easily chequed visually, you need the word bubbles to be sure. I'd say: this solution is not a progres! It was better before.

Even more influencing for the game feeling is the fact that the minimap has become much less perceptible. The color points for stairs are now VERY tiny! I don't like that.

0.11 has obviously also diminished the chances to find decent rings. I've found mostly +2 rings or worse. So that is no longer random! Shit, bad motivation!

I'm very unhappy with the (madly high set) per cent number of vanishing corpses. So nutrition gets even more diffucult. All beasts should ALWAYS give more or less eatable corpses!

To be continued. Please discussion at talk page!