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I've been playing DCSS since around the last days of version 0.8, and I've had a couple of wins since. I've played some other Roguelikes such as Rogue, Adom and Zangband, but Crawl is the only one I've really dived into because of its superiour sophistication and "logicalness". I hail from South Africa, and so I play Crawl offline only; the lag to overseas servers is absolute killage.

Also, I believe in the text terminal interface. Graphical tiles is for wussies!

Though I've dabbled extensively with a bunch of different backgrounds, I've only had great success with Naga venom magi so far, and I can proudly say that I got 5 runes on my very first win over a year ago. So at the moment I'm focusing on only one thing: perfecting my NaVm of Chei hybrid building technique. Besides the fact that I like to tackle challenges systematically, the simplicity of focusing on one build for a long time helps me retain some of my sanity in this... wonderfully complicated game. (also, it's hilariously difficult to get past early venom mage ghosts if your character lacks innate poison resistance)

I intend to write a thorough beginner/intermediate Naga Venom Mage guide. Once I have a better grasp on it, that is. In the meantime, I think I'll make some smaller improvements to the wiki whenever and comment on stuff. Here's hoping I make some worthwhile contributions. This, of course, comes with no guarantee against screw-ups, but correcting my mistakes is what the friendly neighborhood wiki admins and other editors are for, riight? ;-P


Out of more than a hundred losses, I've made a few ascensions:

Score Month B/g Vers Char Name #Runes Turns Comments
6782098 2013-12 NaVM 0.12 Luzr 13 207088

Yes, the name turned out to be awesomely ironic. Lots of firsts. Notably: my first non-experimental time in Pan, first time I got more than freaking half the runes, the first game I ever managed to learn and use a level 9 spell (Fire Storm) and of course the first time I defeated three lords of hell and three of pan (not Cerebov and Asmodeus). What a blast!

2539416 2013-08 NaVM 0.11? Ezmi 6 182851

Heh, I vastly underestimated TRJ from last time, and neglected to bring fire power (Ignite Poison is un/surprisingly under-rated after all). Corrosive punishment repeatedly ensued before finally squashing the thing and slithering away like hell. Second time in the Tomb was again very scary, but at least I knew beforehand which tools should work. I missed projecting noise.

2479673 2013-02 NaVM 0.10? Asban 6 184513

First time I defeated TRJ. Practically excavated (with Dig) the entire slime pits for fear of touching those friggin walls (they could corrode equipment back then). Bringing down Jellobus Inc was made possible using ignite poison cloud, which, along with Projected Noise, Statue Form, air elementals and mapping later served me extremely well during my first time in The Tomb. Oh and btw: double sword of anti-magic is total friggin dope for dealing with those things that otherwise make me cry tiny drops of blood

2161225 2012-05 NaVM 0.10? Nas 5 155539

First time I went for the Abyss rune. Mind numbing! At least the Helliphants-and-lava rune vault was fun if not frightening. Later I was at 1HP on Cocytus:7 at some point after teleporting away from Antaeus when an Ice Fiend spawned next to me. Fortunately I was able to make extremely quick work of it with my blade. Yes, it's a little crazy that I dived into a Hell branch without at least considering The Tomb or Pan (or even Slime!) but looking back on it choosing Cocytus next wasn't a terrible choice and I really learned a heck of a lot from it.