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Task List

My task list is a collection of ideas and goals that I would like to accomplish. It is not a list of things that I will eventually do, so don't count on anything being done on my list.

Pages to update

Update /Throwing weapons with useful information.

Wiki Snippets

The Wiki Snippets is a page with snippets of wiki code that serve as a cut and paste repository of reusable wiki code. These usually include manual fill in the blank templates of code that I find useful

Concepts of Time

The concept of Time is confusing for a player who is new to turn based roguelike games. This page tries to explain what is happening in the game and explains the concepts of time, turns, delay, speed, and actions in a way that will enhance their understanding of the game play mechanics. Hopefully understanding these concepts will help the player enjoy the game more.

Interesting Notes

/Frequent pages