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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Wizard mode (or wizmode) is a way for players to create a character and modify it freely. The player can modify the race, experience level, skill levels, and items of the character. They can add gold, monsters, portals, shops, and stairs to levels. In this mode, the player can go down to zero health, and then if the player chooses to, have their health returned to maximum.

Wizmode is invaluable for researching items, monsters, species, backgrounds, gods, branches, vaults, and general game mechanics. Performing experiments in wizmode is an excellent way to contribute to this wiki – please edit our pages with what you have learned!

Wizard mode is disabled in online servers, not only for the cheating aspect, but also because it could be used to easily crash the server.

Entering wizard mode

When you enter wizmode, the game that you're currently in will have its score invalidated. To get to this mode, type & once inside the game (past the class choosing screen).

If you continue, your game will not be scored!
Do you really want to enter wizard mode?

Type 'yes' to confirm.

Command list

To list commands, hit &, then ?.

To perform commands, type & and then the respective command key from the list below.

Player stats

A : set all skills to level
Ctrl-D : change enchantments/durations
g : exercise a skill
k : change experience level and skills
l : change experience level
Ctrl-P : list props
r : change character's species
s : set skill to level
x : gain an experience level
$ : set gold to a specified value
] : get a mutation by name or category
_ : gain religion
^ : set piety to a value
@ : set Str Int Dex
# : load character from a dump file
& : list all divine followers
= : show info about skill points

Create level features

L : place a vault by name
T : make a trap
, / . : create up/down staircase
( : turn cell into feature
\ : make a shop
Ctrl-K : mark all vaults as unused

Other level related commands

Ctrl-A : generate new Abyss area
b : controlled blink
B : controlled teleport
Ctrl-B : banish yourself to the Abyss
K : shift section of a labyrinth
R : change monster spawn rate
Ctrl-S : change Abyss speed
u / d : shift player up/down one level
~ : go to a specific branch and level
: : find branches and overflow temples in the dungeon
; : list known levels and counters
{ : magic mapping
} : detect all traps on level
Ctrl-W : change Shoals' tide speed
Ctrl-E : dump level builder information
Ctrl-R : regenerate current level
P : create a level based on a vault

Other player related effects

c : card effect
h / H : heal yourself (super-Heal)
e : set hunger state
X : make Xom do something now
z : cast spell by number/name
! : memorise spell
W : god wrath
w : god mollification
p : polymorph into a form
V : toggle xray vision
E : (un)freeze time

Monster related commands

m / M : create specified monster by number/name
D : detect all monsters
G : dismiss all monsters
" : list monsters

Item related commands

a : acquirement
C : (un)curse item
i / I : identify/unidentify inventory
y / Y : identify/unidentify item types and properties
o / % : create an object
t : tweak object properties
v : recharge all XP evokers
Ctrl-V : show gold value of an item
- : get a god gift
| : create all predefined artefacts
+ : make randart from item
' : list items (current floor)
J : Jiyva off-level sacrifice

Debugging commands

f : quick fight simulation (fsim)
F : single scale fsim
Ctrl-F : double scale fsim
Ctrl-I : item generation stats
O : measure exploration time
Ctrl-T : enter in-game dungeon (d)Lua interpreter
Ctrl-U : enter in-game client (c)Lua interpreter
Ctrl-X : Xom effect status
Ctrl-C : force a crash

Other wizard commands

(not prefixed with &)

x? : list targeted commands
X? : list map-mode commands

Wizard targeting commands

After hitting x.

Ctrl-C : cycle through beam paths
D : get debugging information about the monster
o : give item to monster
F : cycle monster friendly/good neutral/neutral/hostile
G : make monster gain XP
Ctrl-H : heal the monster to full hit points
P : apply divine blessing to monster
m : move monster or player
M : cause spell miscast for monster or player
s : force monster to shout or speak
S : make monster a summoned monster
w : calculate shortest path to any point on the map
" : get debugging information about a portal
~ : polymorph monster to specific type
, : bring down the monster to 1 hp
( : place a mimic
Ctrl-B : banish monster
Ctrl-K : kill monster

Wizard (map-mode) commands

After hitting X.

T : Teleport to cursor.