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Version 0.27: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

In the dungeon there are many different kinds of normal and magical items to be found and used. Some are good, others are bad. Some need to be identified.

Basic item types

Item classification

The colour of an item in inventory enhances the item's description as follows:

  • Grey: is otherwise unnotable
  • Dark Grey: is useless or unusable/melded
  • White: is an artefact
  • Blue: has a(n) (un)confirmed ego
  • Green: has an unidentified enchantment, but no ego, and is also used for unbranded god gifts
  • Red: is cursed or harmful or discouraged by religion
  • Bright Green: is uncursed and equipped
  • Bright Red: is cursed and equipped
  • Yellow: can help escape from or survive emergencies (teleport, healing, etc.)
  • Cyan: is rare and beneficial
  • Magenta: is dangerous to use but potentially useful
  • Light Magenta: is a Rune or the Orb of Zot

These colours can be changed with the menu_colour option.

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