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This article contains advice from other players, which may be subjective, outdated, inaccurate or ill-advised. Read at your own risk and alter to fit your play style as necessary!

This is a list of character guides.

Note that there are many ways to play a particular combination! The ways described here aren't the only ways, or even necessarily the best ways. Experiment and above all have fun. Many of the guides are out-of date. You can help everyone by updating them!

Furthermore, a note to future character guide authors: Please keep these guides below about 10 kilobytes in length or state that you are personally responsible for updating them. Even still, guides above 15 kilobytes will be reduced below that amount

It is assumed that you have read the actual generic Walkthrough before reading a guide (As well as the Early Game Tips, Mid Game Tips, and Late Game Tips)

Newer Guides:

Also see: Strategy guides for more general advice.

Older Guides: