Elynae's Better MuWz Guide

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The following article is a character guide. This article contains advice from other players, which may be subjective, outdated, inaccurate or ill-advised. Read at your own risk and alter to fit your play style as necessary!
Version 0.11: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This is probably one of the easiest mummy wins, though it is rather tedious because all this character does is hide behind walls of meatshields. You can clear extended with ease with this build if you like, or just go for three runes. Wizard is a better starting background than Summoner because it has more INT, Mephitic Cloud, Repel Missiles and Blink. Call Imp is the only summon you will need before Sif Muna starts gifting.


Call Imp will get you to Temple without any problem. Once you have Summon Imp at or under 10% failure, you probably want to train for Mephitic Cloud since it is a very useful spell early on. Note that all imps are immune to its effects, too. After Mephitic Cloud is under 20% failure, get back to Summoning. Memorise Blink.

  • If you ever need spell levels or feel your MP is too low, get some Spellcasting.
  • Avoid corridors - prefer fights in the open.
  • The "tw" button doesn't mean "wait here" but "please kill everyone while I am offscreen", you can also use it while out of sight of your opponents!
  • Call imp can call shadow imps that are able to cast animate dead. They only do this during a fight, however.
  • Put points into INT because the other stats are basically useless to you.

The last four tips are for the whole game.


Go Sif Muna. Memorise Repel Missiles. Train Summoning.


  • Proceed to spam Call Imp and channel whenever you run out of MP. Repeat until everything on screen is dead. Before walking down stairs, surround yourself with imps. If you can bear the tedium, surround yourself with imps at all time. You can keep Repel Missiles and other buffs that do not induce contamination up constantly with channeling, too. You want dozens of imps.

After Sif Starts Gifting

  • Get Sif gifts. Repeat Post-Temple replacing Call Imp with a bigger spell, such as Summon Ugly Things or Summon Demon. If you have Demonic Horde, get it for a lot of meatshields. Summon Greater Demon should never be spammed.

Train Summoning. Get some Invocations (8 or so is good).

Final Steps

  • Eventually get Summon Dragon. Get it to 10% failure. Repeat step the post temple section with Summon Dragon. Summon Horrible Things is extremely good but you can't spam it without SustAb because it drains your INT.
  • Get Haste. Get some Fighting. Get some Traps&Doors (5-10).
  • How have you not won yet?