Demos' Ogre Wanderer guide

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I do not recommend playing this combo if you never won before. You'll die a lot. If you like ogres and want a decent chance at winning, then try an Ogre Hunter or Berserker. They have a much easier time in the beginning.


Primary Skills:

In general, don't bother increasing Dodging, as it eats up a ton of XP and it barely increases your EV (ogres are large targets). Using shields is also pointless, since giant clubs and giant spiked clubs (the most powerful weapons in the game) require two hands to wield.


  • Run from kobolds until you reach lv2.
  • Try to kill snakes and other poisonous creatures from afar.
  • Start identifying your items on D:3. Make sure to wield your butchering tool, until you identify curse weapon.
  • Pick up every ranged weapon you find. You'll need to use everything in your disposal to survive.
  • Save your weapon enchantment scrolls for branded or steel javelins. Javelins end up being better than large rocks in the end-game.

Early-Game Survival

You begin the game with a semi-random assortment of skills and equipment. The first thing you should look for is a butchering tool, if you didn't start off with one. The next thing you should look for is a club/mace/flail to fight with. Most fights will be a struggle to survive, since you have lousy AC and you can't dodge much.

Your first goal is to locate the Ecumenical Temple and worship Trog. Getting to the Temple is the hardest part of playing this combo.

How to survive? Use darts, needles, whatever you can find to soften up enemies before they get close to you. NEVER fight multiple enemies at once, unless you can kill them quickly. You'll be practically living in corridors. Save curare-tipped needles and powerful wands for uniques and other tough enemies.

For groups of monsters you'll want to lure away one lone monster from the group. Use your longest range attack to grab the monster's attention and fight it in a nice, isolated area. Don't forget to flee if you're in trouble. Skip the level if you can't handle the monsters there.

Why Trog?

  • Ogres are only good at one thing: bashing things to death. Trog is perfect for that play style.
    • Berserk - Great for killing enemies quickly and the HP boost allows you to take more hits without dying.
    • Trog's Hand - Useful if you need the magic resistance. You won't be using it too often, since the regen effect is pretty weak.
    • Brothers in Arms - Summons a powerful berserker ally, such as an iron troll or stone giant.
    • Gifts - Trog will (sooner or later) give you a powerful weapon, like a +11 giant club or a randart giant spiked club of speed!

Your second goal is to attain a dragon armor. Dragon armors give you a resistance and decent AC. You'll still be taking a lot of damage, but at least you won't be on the verge of death after every major battle.

Mid-Game Survival

Unfortunately, Ogres remain relatively fragile throughout the entire game. They start off basically as a joke race and later become glass cannons. Fortunately, the game does get easier.

You'll encounter various giants in the mid-game, which is a good thing. They carry large rocks, which will be very useful to you. Hurling boulders at enemies does a lot of damage and large rocks have a low mulch rate. Don't waste your time enchanting them, as it barely increases the damage. Besides, you'll find large rocks everywhere later on.

Realm of Zot

Ogres have a worse time in the end-game than draconians. Ogres still have low AC, low EV and very few resistances. Sure, you can kill most enemies in 2-3 hits, but the huge amount of elemental damage in Zot will make you squirm.

Silver, steel and penetrating javelins are great here. Use them as much as you can to kill or weaken enemies before you smash their faces in. Your brothers will come in handy for handling groups of draconians, but they have limited use in Zot:5. A lot of monsters on the last floor are capable of easily killing your berserkers.

On Zot:5, magic map the level and clear the area outside the chamber. Then, teleport repeatedly until you land near the Orb chamber. Once you get close enough to see the Orb start summoning 3-4 allies and go berserk. Force your way to the Orb, while killing the guardians.

Grab the Orb, drink a potion of speed and teleport out of there! A ring of teleport control is highly recommended. The hard part is over, now all you have to do is escape the Dungeon!