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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Electricity is one of the rarer elemental forces in the Dungeon. Both players and monsters can take advantage of electricity through spells or specially branded weapons, though some monsters also possess innate electric abilities.

Electricity Damage

The player has a lot of ways to inflict electricity damage: weapons, spells, god abilities, and an evocable item. Also, Storm Form adds electricity damage to your Unarmed Combat attacks.

Several Air Magic spells deal electric damage, while weapons of electrocution have a flat chance to inflict extra damage regardless of your weapon skill. A lightning rod is another common source of electric damage. Followers of Nemelex can create electrical explosions by drawing the Storm card, and followers of Qazlal have access to Upheaval and Disaster Area abilities.

"BEAM_ELEC" damage, comprising most (but not all) electric attacks, ignores 1/2 of the target's AC.

Electricity Resistance

Electricity resistance reduces electric damage by 66% (to x33%).

It can be acquired from a number of sources:




Electric vulnerability increases electric damage taken by +50%.

It can be given as part of Qazlal's wrath, but is not found anywhere else. No monsters are vulnerable to electric damage.

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