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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.13 is a version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It was released on Oct. 11th, 2013.

Stone Soup 0.13 (20131011)

0.13 highlights

  • A new race: Gargoyles.
  • A reimagined Skald background.
  • A thorough rework of the monster set in Crypt.
  • Improvements to many evokable items.
  • A new item: sack of spiders.
  • Massively overhauled layout generators.
  • Summonings school: per-spell limits and no stair following or pulling.
  • New Sprint map: linesprint.

Branches, environment

  • A new Sprint map: "|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||" by st (otherwise known as linesprint).
  • Branches now have exactly one exit stair (except the Dungeon, which can, but is not guaranteed, to have more).
  • Many new layouts have been added to most branches, including unique layouts for branches that didn't have them; and numerous tweaks and improvements to existing layouts.
  • Vaults can now be placed at the centre of some layouts prepared to accept them there.
  • All portal vaults entrances that time out are now announced.
  • Temple overflow altars can now contain multiple altars.
  • New shop type: gadget shops, which sell evokable items.
  • Mechanical traps do not spawn outside of vaults.
  • Zot trap effects are now only a subset of the full set of miscasts, and have some new unique effects - draining of wand charges and Word of Recall (as per ironbrand convokers).


  • A new race: Gargoyles, with low natural HP but an impressive host of resistances and the ability to fly at XL14.
  • Sludge elves are no more.
  • The Skald background gets a reworked spell book with four new spells:
    • Infusion grants additional melee damage costing MP with each strike;
    • Song of Slaying grants an incremental slaying bonus with every monster killed (of sufficient threat level);
    • Spectral Weapon creates an allied spectral clone of your weapon which strikes enemies in melee when you do.
    • Song of Shielding has a similar effect to spirit shield, trading HP loss for MP loss.
  • Priests are no more.
  • The nausea status effect from eating contaminated chunks has been removed; contaminated chunks now give less nutrition for characters that can't handle them.
  • Stabbing skill is no more; stabs now depend upon the average of the character's stealth and weapon skill.
  • The Traps skill is no more; all characters detect traps as though they had (XL/3) Traps skill.
  • Chaos knights start with a +0 chaos weapon instead of a +2 normal weapon.
  • New tier 2 demonspawn mutation - "magic shield", giving spirit shield at level one, improved magic regeneration at level two, and regenerating mana in place of health as a function of current magic level at level three.
  • Deaths to acid, self-targetting, and sticky flame now credit the appropriate monster/spell.
  • Draining a stat to zero can no longer directly kill the player; instead, further stat drain damages the player. The effects of a stat being at zero (fainting, slow actions, etc.) persist.
  • Ogre hunters and artificers now start with a club instead of a short sword.



  • New spells:
  • Summon Small Mammals now only ever summons one mammal, and is renamed to Summon Small Mammal as a consequence.
  • 100% of teleports on the orb run are delays (up from 50%).
  • Haunt adjustments:
    • Summons now fixate on their target.
    • Flayed ghosts are no longer summoned.
    • Friendlies are no longer targettable.
  • Olgreb's Toxic Radiance now poisons continuously over several turns (and deals impact damage); it also ignores the caster's poison resistance (if any).
  • Dragon Form is pure Transmutations (was Tmut/Fire for all but Draconians).
  • Force Lance is now level 5 (was level 2), with boosted range and damage to match.
  • Fulminant Prism now caps at 200 spellpower.
  • Swiftness can be cast in water; it doesn't operate in water, but it grants the status (which operates as expected when out of the water).
  • Summonings caps are introduced. This acts on a per-spell basis, each spell has a fixed numerical limit for the number of summons active at any time. Going over this limit means your oldest summons will expire in a very short number of turns. Applies only to non-necromantic non-permanent summons.
  • Temporary summons will no longer follow the player down stairs.
  • Temporary summons expire when the player moves to a different level.




  • For online play, explore_delay and travel_delay are instananeous by default.
  • Dungeon features with variable-colour tiles now display those colours in tiles (e.g. walls in the Abyss, the Elven Halls, and the Pan disco hall).
  • Examining a monster will display the spells monsters of its type are capable of using.


  • A port to OpenSolaris (Dyson/Illumos).
  • MSVC compilation once again possible (Visual Studio [Express] 2012)