Ensorcelled Hibernation

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Ensorcelled hibernation.png Ensorcelled Hibernation
Level 2
School1 Hexes
School2 Ice
Casting noise  ?
Spell noise  ?
This spell attempts to lower its target's metabolic rate, inducing hypothermic hibernation. It may have side effects on cold-blooded creatures.

Ensorcelled Hibernation is a level 2 Hexes/Ice Magic spell which knocks out a single target for a short time, allowing you to flee or stab them more easily. Although hibernating monsters receive a penalty to their checks against your Stealth score, they may still awaken as normal as you spend time in their LOS or make noise, and successfully injuring a hibernating monster wakes it immediately. It is a very common spell for enchanters to learn, but can be useful for others.

Ensorcelled Hibernation can affect natural, demonic, and holy creatures, but not those that are cold resistant or berserk. It is also subject to magic resistance.

A sleeping monster that is also confused starts to sleepwalk.

Monsters that awaken from this spell become "sleep wary" and cannot be placed in hibernation again for a few dozen turns.