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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Ice Magic skill determines how easily you can cast spells that employ ice, cold, and frost.

Ice Magic provides many "subtle" spells: most Ice spells cause passive effects, affect a large area, or both. In this way, the school strikes a good balance between offense and defense. Ice-based spells are generally resistible with cold resistance.


At Ba DE Dg Ds Dj Dr Fe Fo Gr Gh Gn HO Hu Ko Mf Mi Mu Na Op On Sp Te Tr Vp VS
-1 2 1 -1 -1 11 0 -1 0 0 1 6 -1 0 0 1 -3 -2 0 0 -1 -2 -1 -3 0 0


Icon Name Schools Level Power
Range Noise Flags Books

Level 1

Freeze.png Freeze Ice 1 25 1 1 Dir or target, Not self Book of Frost

Level 2

Ensorcelled hibernation.png Ensorcelled Hibernation Hexes/Ice 2 50 LOS 0 Wl check, Dir or target, Needs tracer, Not self Book of Burglary
Book of Dreams

Level 3

Frozen ramparts.png Frozen Ramparts Ice 3 50 2 8 Area, No ghost Book of Frost
Book of Sloth
Hailstorm.png Hailstorm Conjuration/Ice 3 100 3 4 Area Book of Frost
Book of the Tundra
Ozocubu's armour.png Ozocubu's Armour Ice 3 100 3 No ghost Book of Battle
Book of Winter
Summon ice beast.png Summon Ice Beast Ice/Summoning 3 100 3 Book of Beasts
Book of the Tundra

Level 5

Freezing cloud.png Freezing Cloud Air/Conjuration/Ice 5 200 5 6 Area, Cloud, Needs tracer, Target Trismegistus Codex
Book of Vapours
Metabolic englaciation.png Metabolic Englaciation Hexes/Ice 5 200 4 Area Book of Sloth
Book of Winter

Level 6

Simulacrum.png Sculpt Simulacrum Alchemy/Ice 6 200 1 6 Dir or target, Needs tracer Book of Ice
Book of the Tundra
Book of Winter

Level 7

Ozocubu's refrigeration.png Ozocubu's Refrigeration Ice 7 200 5 Area Book of Ice
The Unrestrained Analects

Level 9

Polar vortex.png Polar Vortex Ice 9 200 5 15 Area Book of Ice


Main Texts
Book of Frost: Freeze, Frozen Ramparts, Hailstorm
Book of Ice: Sculpt Simulacrum, Ozocubu's Refrigeration, Polar Vortex
Book of the Tundra: Hailstorm, Summon Ice Beast, Sculpt Simulacrum
Book of Winter: Ozocubu's Armour, Metabolic Englaciation, Sculpt Simulacrum
Other Texts
Book of Battle: Ozocubu's Armour
Book of Beasts: Summon Ice Beast
Book of Burglary: Ensorcelled Hibernation
Book of Dreams: Ensorcelled Hibernation
Book of Sloth: Frozen Ramparts, Metabolic Englaciation
Trismegistus Codex: Freezing Cloud
The Unrestrained Analects: Ozocubu's Refrigeration
Book of Vapours: Freezing Cloud

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