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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

For the removed spell this ego is based off, see Infusion (spell).

It empowers each of its wearer's blows with a small part of their magic.

Infusion is an ego found only on gloves. When the wearer strikes a foe in melee, they get up to a +4 damage bonus but consume 1 MP in the process.[1] The damage bonus from infusion is calculated in the same way as the bonus from slaying, but unlike slaying it does not affect auxiliary attacks, ranged attacks, or accuracy.[2][3] Characters with no MP left simply won't get the slaying bonus.

Djinn do not have MP; instead, they spend 1 HP with each attack.


  • For purely martial characters with zero use for magic points, these gloves are purely beneficial. However, many gods require MP for their abilities -- make sure you don't run out!
  • As it requires a completely voluntary act to trigger, gloves of infusion can be acceptable even for pure spellcasters to wear, so long as they are careful not to accidentally strike anything in melee when they didn't mean to. You can inscribe your held item with !a to force a prompt when attacking.
  • Note that only melee attacks will trigger the infusion ego. Ranged attacks and wands remain MP-free ways of killing foes while wearing gloves of infusion.

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  • The Infusion ego was added in 0.28.