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Version 0.12: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Base Type

Number of Items per Level

Levels in Hell, Slime Pits, Ecumenical Temple and Hall of Blades are generated without any items on the floor. Other levels contain between 6 and 36 items lying on the floor, chosen as described below; after level 5, there's a very small chance (about 0.2%) to get a very rich level instead, which contains 11-100 items.

Some levels (fixed bottom branch, random mini-vaults...) may contain additional "fixed" items, defined in the vault layout.

Type of Items Generated

Items in the Orcish Mines are always piles of gold; other items are randomly generated with the following weights:

Item type Probability
Weapon 10%
Ammunitions 15%
Armour 10%
Wand 3.5%
Food 7%
Scroll 20%
Jewellery 2.5%
Potion 10%
Book 1.5%
Magical staff 0.45%
Rod 0.05%
Gold 20%

These percentages are reduced by 1/7 for each level above level 7 for Books, Staffs and Wands (the lost percentage is added to Potions and Scrolls). Misc items (Decks, Discs of Storm, etc.) are only generated at level 8 and after with a probability of 0.6% + 0.03% per depth level after 8 (decreasing percentages for all other items accordingly).