Orcish Mines

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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
The Orcish Mines are filled with the cave orcs native to the Dungeon, their humanoid labourers, and piles of freshly mined gold. Enterprising merchants have set up trading posts to help relieve the orcs of the latter.

The entrance to this branch can be found between levels 9 and 12 of the Dungeon.

This branch is 2 levels deep.

This branch contains the entrance to the Elven Halls.

Orc entry.png The Orcish Mines are an early branch full of orcs, gold, and the entrance to the Elven Halls. Although the Mines lack a rune, the bottom floor contains a guaranteed collection of shops, and the gold found along the way makes it easy to afford any particularly useful treasures they may sell.


The Orcish Mines are two floors deep and found between Dungeon:9-12. The entrance stairs are usually decorated with orcish idols and occasionally even altars to Beogh, and they are often guarded by a large group of orcs.

Most floors of the Mines are made up of several disconnected open areas, all of which are accessible through either stairs or escape hatches on adjacent floors. Occasionally, you'll also find floors that consist of more organized stonecraft, which is usually the case on Orc:2. These layouts can vary greatly (as can their difficulty), ranging from a handful of scattered rooms, to one huge room dominating much of the level, to an entire fortified compound housing Saint Roka and his throng of followers.

As the Mines are made almost entirely of rock, bringing a wand of digging allows you to create shortcuts between portions of a floor. Expect almost no hallways or chokepoints aside from those you dig yourself.

Useful Info

The Mines are one of the easiest areas in the game to get surrounded in. When exploring a new floor, you will often immediately encounter at least a few orcs who will shout, alerting nearby reinforcements. If you find yourself getting surrounded, especially if orc priests are involved, use stair dancing to defeat smaller groups of orcs in safety. When you move away from the stairs, avoid relying on false chokepoints; orcs are smart enough to maneuver past you to give other orcs access to you, and getting cornered with priests around is suicidal.

Monster difficulty here is extremely variable. While most monsters are plain orcs, orc warriors, orc wizards, and orc priests, you will also encounter orc sorcerers, orc high priests, orc knights, and usually one or two orc warlords. A few other types of monsters, including trolls and ogres, are also eligible for generation (see list below). That being said, even the lesser orcs can be a handful; orc warriors in plate mail can take a beating while orc priests can smite you. Also, even if you can easily tab your way past dozens of common orcs without missing a beat, do pay attention to the combat logs; almost everything here is armed, and weapons of electrocution and distortion do generate here from time to time. Unless you're speedrunning, exercise a little caution.

On the plus side, the Mines typically contain 1000-3000 gold and much enchanted and branded equipment, including plate armour and heavy weaponry on the warriors and various robes on the mages, priests, and sorcerers. You can also find shops here, both randomly and guaranteed on the bottom floor (though the bottom floor's shops are heavily guarded).

While most of the Orcish Mines can be reached via normal staircases, some portions may only be accessible through escape hatches. As these sections almost certainly contain more gold and may contain shops, it's not a bad idea to eventually use each escape hatch, just in case. It is not especially safe to do this until you feel confident that you can take on large groups of standard orcs, however, as an unlucky hatch may land you in a lot of trouble with no easy way out.


Although the Mines entrance may be discovered first, it is common to ignore it until you've attempted the Lair, which is widely considered to be a less dangerous branch. Some character types, in particular Venom Mages, may wish to clear the Mines first since the only poison-resistant monsters here are wargs. The hordes of low-level monsters make this branch a good place to build piety with gods who award killing regular monsters, heretic priests, or spellcasters. Necromancers can also make good use of the large quantity of corpses generated here. Followers of the orc god Beogh may wish to max out their piety before entering here so they can recruit as many high-level allies as possible.

No specific resistances or other intrinsics are required to clear the Orcish Mines, although being strong in melee or having good spells for crowd control is highly recommended. A source of willpower and a rank of fire resistance and negative energy resistance should be enough to protect you from the spells of orc wizards and sorcerers. If you cannot comfortably defeat roaming orc packs in the Dungeon, you are not ready for this branch.

Along with granting access to the Elven Halls, the bottom level shops are an excellent incentive to clear this branch. Their contents aren't free, but it's common to find at least one item for sale that is useful throughout the game.


o Orc.png Orc o Orc wizard.png Orc wizard o Orc priest.png Orc priest o Orc warrior.png Orc warrior
o Orc knight.png Orc knight o Orc sorcerer.png Orc sorcerer o Orc high priest.png Orc high priest o Orc warlord.png Orc warlord
g Gnoll (monster).png Gnoll g Gnoll shaman.png Gnoll shaman g Gnoll sergeant.png Gnoll sergeant h Warg.png Warg
T Troll (monster).png Troll (monster) T Deep troll.png Deep troll T Iron troll.png Iron troll
O Ogre (monster).png Ogre (monster) O Two-headed ogre.png Two-headed ogre O Ogre mage.png Ogre mage
C Cyclops.png Cyclops C Stone giant.png Stone giant C Ettin.png Ettin

One of the Orc:2 final vaults, pf_orc_diabolical, features several demonspawn and common demons guarding a portal to the Pandemonium:

4 Chaos spawn.png chaos spawn 4 Hellwing.png hellwing 4 Ice devil.png ice devil
4 Orange demon.png orange demon 4 Red devil.png red devil 4 Rust devil.png rust devil
3 Neqoxec.png neqoxec 3 Sixfirhy.png sixfirhy 3 Smoke demon.png smoke demon
3 Soul eater.png soul eater 3 Sun demon.png sun demon 3 Ynoxinul.png ynoxinul
6 Demonspawn (monster).png demonspawn (monster)


6 Amaemon.png Amaemon R Azrael.png Azrael @ Donald.png Donald @ Erica.png Erica
O Erolcha.png Erolcha e Fannar.png Fannar w Gastronok.png Gastronok @ Harold.png Harold
g Jorgrun.png Jorgrun @ Josephine.png Josephine @ Maurice.png Maurice o Nergalle.png Nergalle
c Nessos.png Nessos @ Rupert.png Rupert o Saint Roka.png Saint Roka T Snorg.png Snorg
K Sonja.png Sonja o Urug.png Urug


  • Prior to 0.18, the Orcish Mines were four levels deep.
  • Prior to 0.14, the Orcish Mines' entrance was located on D:6-11.
  • Earlier versions of Crawl had sections of the Orcish Mines that were completely disconnected from all other areas. Using shafts, escape hatches, or teleports carelessly could maroon your character in an unescapable area, unless you had a source of digging or teleportation.