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Version 0.14: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Comestible
Name bread ration
Icon Ration.png
A filling meal of stale, but hearty, bread.

"It is further reported that in the provinces [Caesar] gave banquets constantly in two dining halls, in one of which his officers or Greek companions, in the other the Roman civilians and the more distinguished of the provincials reclined at table. He was so punctilious and strict in the management of his household, in small matters as well as in those of great importance, that he put his baker in irons for serving him with one kind of bread and his guests with another..."
-Suetonius, _De Vita Caesarium, Divus Iulius_. 110 CE.

Bread rations are filling vegetarian food items which restore 4,400 nutrition under normal circumstances. They are one of the most filling items available.

Most playable species start with a bread ration in their inventory.

Rank 1: 3,400.
Rank 2: 2,400.
Rank 3: 0.

Rank 1: 4,900.
Rank 2. 5,400.
Rank 3. 5,900.