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{{flavour|A wonderful golden bow that once belonged to a foreign god. It works best with special arrows which are not generally available.}}
[[File:Bow_of_krishna_sharnga.png]] '''''the +8,+8 bow of Krishna "Sharnga"'''''<br>
+8, +8 [[longbow]] (in spite of what the weapon's description says)
[[Speed brand|Speed]] brand<br>
+3 [[dexterity]]<br>
[[See invisible]]
The "special arrows" do not exist in-game, but luckily this weapon is perfectly effective without them.
'''Sharnga''' is a near-perfect weapon for anyone with a good [[Bows]] skill. Experienced archers may occasionally prefer a highly-enchanted [[longbow]] with the [[vorpal]] or [[holy wrath]] brand for dealing more damage per hit and taking out heavily armoured opponents, but a speed brand on a +8 longbow is an extremely effective combination against just about any target. Overall, a highly respectable weapon.
In spite of the weapon's description, in Hindu mythology, the bow Sharnga (or [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharanga_(Hindu_mythology) Sharanga]) was originally the bow of the god Vishnu. It changed hands many times to both gods and men, and was used in many great conflicts. Eventually, Krishna did come into possession of it, but its final owner was Varuna, god of the oceans.

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