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Version 0.27: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
27 is a commonly-seen number in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Its significance to the developers is unknown. At least one member of the development team has wanted to add more species and remove backgrounds just to get the totals to 27.
  1. The Dungeon formerly had 27 floors.
  2. Ziggurats have 27 floors.
  3. Highest skill and EXP level: 27.
  4. There are 27 species.
  5. The Knife of Accuracy had a +27 enchantment to accuracy, before its removal.
  6. Lear's hauberk had a +27 enchantment, in 0.27 and earlier.
  7. Maximum duration of Death's Door: 27 turns.
  8. The Lernaean hydra has 27 heads.
  9. Being in tree form sets your stealth modifier to 27.
  10. Counting the removed god Pakellas, there are 27 gods in Crawl history.
  11. The unrand Sniper has a base delay of 27.
  12. The Zot clock can store up to 27 thousand turns.
  13. The Trismegistus Codex has precisely 27 words in its flavor text, organized into groups of 3.
  14. The Book of Zin, appearing in the message log when Recite is invoked, has 27 chapters.
  15. The staff of the Meek provides its maximum AC boost at 27 HP (or lower).