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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

For the potion, see Potion of ambrosia.

Type Comestible
Name piece of ambrosia
Icon Ambrosia.png
A portion of strange substance, produced by ghost moths. Consuming it provides magical energy as well as nutrition, at the cost of losing your mental focus for a short period.

Ambrosia was a curious food which provided 2,500 nutrition and could be eaten by any species at any level of satiety except Engorged. More interesting, however, were its two side effects:

Fortunately, clarity provided immunity to the confusion effect, making this an excellent food for casters to eat before any large battle where automatic MP restoration might come in handy. Even without clarity, following it up with a potion of curing chaser would leave you with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks. Unfortunately, it was extremely rare and could only be found in the Spider's Nest.

When Eaten: That ambrosia tasted strange. You are confused. Magic courses through your body.
If Confused: ...You are more confused....
With Clarity: ...You are momentarily confused...


  • Ambrosia was removed in 0.15.
  • Prior to 0.11, eating it restored MP instantly, as though you'd quaffed a potion of magic.
  • Ambrosia was added in 0.8.