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Spoilers: This page contains spoilers. If you would like to play the game without spoilers then do not read this page.

These are the individual diaries of various adventurers. Within these diaries, you shall find tales of survival in the dungeon, stories of encounters and battles, and lessons about playing Dungeon Crawl. Diaries are very spoily, too.

There are two ways to participate, start a diary or comment on an existing diary!

Start a diary

Create a new CrawlWiki page, and copy the tag {{diary}} to the top of the page. (To create a new page, you can type the page name into the search box, go to the search results and click "create this page".) The new diary will automatically appear in this category.

Now please note your Crawl version and your character's species and class. As you play Crawl, journal the progress of your character in your diary. Use any format or style for your diary! Go roleplaying with a detailed story for your character, confine yourself to factual discussion of the gameplay, or do something in between. You can use your character's diary in many ways:

  • to have fun while playing Crawl!
  • to contribute your knowledge of Crawl to this wiki.
  • to record your achievements and preserve the memory of your adventure.
  • to slow down the game and save your character's life.
  • to ask other players for help or comments for your character.

Comment in someone's diary

Because each diary is a wiki page, you may insert comments into the diary. Either indent your comment, or put your comment in a "Chatter" or "Comments" subsection. Always sign your comment with four tildes ~~~~ at the end. This will make a signature like Kernigh 11:58, 24 February 2008 (MST)

When you insert your comment into the diary (instead of using the separate "talk" page), your comments remain adjacent to that part of the diary. (This is not a rule against posting to the diary's talk page or the author's user talk page.)

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