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This page is a Diary of a Crawler, the journal of an individual character. This page probably contains spoilers.

Previously I got quite far with a deep elf necromancer, by trying a different tactic than normal. In the past I've played necromancers like summoners, raising zombies all over the place as soon as I got the level 4 spell Animate Dead.

However, I realised that necromancers have really nice abilities for direct damage. Pain is lethal to most early monsters, and decent against some larger ones. Vampiric Draining, however, is a godlike spell for melee combat, since it can turn the tables so easily on an opponent.

But that was my downfall, since I came up against a troll and foolishly tried to take it out in the same way; it killed me with ease.

Therefore, I now try a death knight with necromantic magic. Since I'm already learned in melee, and don't plan to use high level magic, I believe I can be a better fighter.

Dungeon level 1

I began with an +0 elven spear, out of preference for spears.

My first priority at experience level 1 is always: stay alive. Therefore, I began with the tactic of weakening my enemies with Pain, before meleeing them, to reduce the risks. My spear killed most enemies with ease, and I got to level 2, gaining Polearms skill on the way.

However, a new weapon caught my attention; a glowing hand axe. I knew the chances were it would have a brand, and my skill in Polearms would make it easier to learn Axes, so I risked wielding it.

A hand axe of venom!

The rest of the level was easily cleared, with this new weapon; I left it with several potions and scrolls.

Level 2

I was getting very hungry by this time, so I went in search of a tasty monster. A giant bat obligingly left a corpse for me, which I ate with a pear I found nearby. A moment later I gained skill in Stealth.

A battle with a pack of jackals left me wounded; they attacked in open space, forcing me to fight several at once; I exhausted my magic but killed two with Pain, and the third with my axe. After resting, a kobold kill took me to exp level 3, where I enhanced my dexterity.

Now I learned Vampiric Draining, which should greatly increase my ability to damage in melee.

The first victim of my new spell was a snake, which resisted my axe but could not stop the life being sucked from it.

A few kills later I had Axes skill. The rest of the level was once more easy, and I left with still more potions and scrolls.

Level 3

I killed and ate some hobgoblin, then went back to level 2 for a moment, for my unidentified items bothered me; at this time, I recognised nothing! I didn't want to risk trying dangerous items on an unexplored level.

I drank the potion I had two of, which, as I expected, was potion of curing. I then read the scroll I had 5 of; of course, it was a scroll of teleportation.

I tried the rest of my potions, finding speed, heal wounds, cure mutation, restore abilities, and, very unluckily, degeneration, which reduced my dex from 14 to 10!

The first ogre

Back on level 3, I knew I'd have to rely more on my magic. However, more melee improved my Axes skill to level 2, and also identified my axe of venom; +2 to damage!

Then I came across my first ogre of the game. It was a way off, and asleep, but a jackal was nearby; my stealth, level 2 by this time, was keeping me hidden from them, but I couldn't risk the jackal barking. I went back, and luckily my dexterity came back to me. I decided to wait before facing the ogre, and went to level 4.

Level 4

My stealth was beginning to allow me to stab sleeping enemies. I found my first ring, and put it on, risking the curse so that I could test my many scrolls. There was no curse, however, but my tests revealed scrolls of detect curse, magic mapping, and identify, which showed the ring to be a ring of protection from magic.

The second ogre

A moment later, I got into trouble. I encountered an ogre, this one not asleep.

With my 18HP, one hit of its huge club could easily kill me. I doubted I could kill it with Pain before it reached me. I decided to run back to a stair.

Luckily, the stair went back to an area of level 3 I had missed, but one which had no other down stair. I had to go back to level 2.

The first ogre... missing?

A stair on level 2 returned me to a place close to the first ogre, so I peeked out to see if the jackal was still there.

The jackal was.

The ogre wasn't!

I didn't hesitate to kill the jackal with a spell of pain. The ogre, however, was nowhere to be found. I had an easy walk to level 4.

I decided to test my scrolls again, to see if any could enhance my axe. None did, but I found the scroll of smoke, and cursed my armour.

More exploring found a ring of see invisible, which I wore. I didn't find the second ogre again, and decided to leave it, having no magic or weapon which could kill an ogre easily enough.

Level 5

I came across my most despised of enemies here; the imp. Immune to necromantic magic and my poison. My axe could not damage it quickly enough, but I knew that I had not yet discovered the potion of might. A test of my potions quickly found it, and I slashed the imp to death.

I then came upon that most feared of enemies, the jelly, but I knew my necromantic spells could kill it before it reached me. Which they did.

I reached exp level 5 by this time, and had the option of several spells; I chose Dispel Undead, a beautiful spell for damaging zombies and ghosts.

By sheer luck, I found a bow on the ground, but I didn't want to use it yet. My spell of pain was incredibly effective, and I prefer to take my bow from a centaur.

The lava, and the unluckiest beetle

I found a wand, and kept it for later. The middle of this level I found to have pits of lava with a cross-shaped path beside them. A giant beetle was here, and I knew from experience I could not defeat it in melee. However, a slow beetle is no threat to a magical elf.

I zapped it with my wand, which was a wand of confusion. But I did not seize the opportunity, for even a bite made in confusion could seriously injure me. I cast all the pain I could upon it, but without much effect. The beetle, dazed, walked into a cloud of smoke from the nearby lava, and out of my vision.

Then I felt a feeling of experience, and went forth to see what had happened.

The beetle was gone. All I saw was a pit of lava.

I smiled and carried on.

Level 6

I ran immediately into hounds, a snake, and a gnoll zombie. One hound I injured with a stab, and I battled it back up on level 5. Deciding to try to improve my weapon once more, I tested a scroll.

It cursed my axe.

Luckily, by this time I was sure I knew what remove curse was, and also had an idea of the scroll of fear. I uncursed my axe and armour, and went back to level 6, where the monsters surrounded me.

Until the scroll of fear sent the living ones away! The gnoll zombie was not scared, but nor was he immune to my Dispel spell, which destroyed him easily.

I found another wand, and sucked life from the monsters when they overcame their fear, a snake forcing me to drink a potion of curing to remove its poison.

I found Edmund the warrior, but left him sleeping. He would feel my power later.

However, Edmund would probably have been easier than who I found next. A group of orcs, including a warrior, a priest, and a wizard. Together, I could not hope to defeat them. My stealth kept me out of their view, and I lured an orc to his death. But I did not like the idea of fighting the others. The wand of confusion could perhaps save me, but it would be risky. I decided to try a different route, and went back to level 5.


I saved here. Tune in next time for another exciting episode!


I went across level 5, back to level 6... and what luck!

I found a book of minor magic, with frost spells... Blink and perhaps Ozocubu's ice armour would be useful.

Next to it, two shops! A weapon shop, and a scroll shop.

The weapon shop was full of lovely stuff, but in the end I decided the +2, +1 glaive of venom was for me, with my polearms skill. I needed a little more money, however. I almost got it when the orc priest spotted me.

This was perfect; if it was the same one, I wanted him away from his friends.

Since he could easily smite me from a distance, I zapped him with my wand of confusion.

Nothing happened.

My wand had run out. My plan had failed already. I zapped him with the other wand... and enslaved him!

This was going wrong, and got worse when the orc warrior appeared on my other side. I sent the priest to attack immediately, hoping one would finish the other.

The priest smited the warrior with a power that could easily have killed me. I went to the stairs, ready to escape, but I waited to see how the fight went.

The warrior's flail killed the priest in one hit! But he was injured, and I had a chance to kill him with pain.

I drank a potion of speed, to increase the amount of magic I could cast in the time before he reached. It was a waste, however. Two pain spells killed him easily.

More orcs appeared, plus the wizard. I sucked the life from the orcs, and zapped the wizard with pain.

I was rewarded highly for this... for one of the orcs had a weapon he had been unable to use before dying.

A war axe of electrocution!

The war axe alone was far more powerful than my hand axe, and the electric power made it lethal.

I killed a few more orcs and gnolls with my powers, finding my axe skills to be lacking still, despite the axe being +1, +3.

I found a potion shop, which reminded me of the glaive. Did I want it now? I wasn't sure.

I went to find more gold, and realised, when I encountered him, that I had forgotten Edmund. Spells of pain injured him, but my axe finally saved me with a horrible electric shock which almost killed him, and I sucked the rest of his health from him.

I had a lot of unused exp now, and went to practise my axe. A sleeping giant eyeball gave me Stabbing skill, and in front of it was the Ecumenical Temple.

The Temple

I now had a choice of deity, but I wasn't really sure I wanted one.

None of the good gods would allow a necromancer, and the chaos gods were risky.

I realised Okawaru could aid my melee ambitions, but I wasn't sure. My wands of enslavement (I had two by this time) would displease him if my allies were killed.

I looked to the gods of magic. Sif was always a safe choice, but perhaps Kiku was more suitable for me, being the god of necromantic magic?

In the end I chose Kiku, since the deity was not interested in sacrifices. This I liked - more edibles for me!

I went to level 7.

Level 7

I was hungry again, and luckily found a foodshop nearby... unluckily, in direct view of a centaur! It was asleep, but I doubted my ability to get to it without being spotted.

I tried a blink, but it only placed me further away. I decided to see if there was a path which could get me close to it without detection.

An ogre was on that path. For the first time I decided to fight one, but not without an edge. I drank a potion of might.

I still underestimated my magic, however. Spells of pain wounded it horribly before it even reached me, and my axe killed it with ease.

There was no way to the centaur this way. I went back, and kills of a giant mite and scorpion earned me exp level 8!

Suddenly, an orc warrior came out of nowhere, with a great mace. Knowing he was likely with other orcs, I lured him away.

My spells of pain were not enough to kill, but this time I took my chance in melee, with the assistance of more potion of might. He was sliced easily, but I did not stop to find his other orcs. My might could give me the edge with the centaur, if I could get to it in time.

My luck expired, for the centaur awoke and shot me with arrows, causing huge damage. It could easily kill me before I even got near enough to hit.

I tried a different tactic. I read a scroll of fear, for if the monster was frightened, surely it would not fire. The fear, however, drove it to a corner in seconds and it realised it had to fight or die.

This was not going well. I drank a potion and regained my health.

The wand of enslavement could save me, but would only postpone the problem. Still, it would enable me to move where I wanted to be.

A zap enslaved the centaur. It occurred to me I could leave it on dungeon level 6, but I wanted it killed. I told it to follow, and waited out the enslavement.

It did not last long once it was able to fight. My axe was very effective.

I ran from that battle into an ogre, but even unrecovered, pain and draining killed it. My power was increasing.

I picked up the great mace from the warrior's corpse.

I ran into a second orc warrior, backed up by orcs, and this time I enslaved it, knowing how powerful it was against its kin. It killed orcs, an orc priest, and two jellies before being destroyed by my spells of pain.

A wand of frost lay on the ground as I went further, and the rest of the level was not a problem. I tested the few scrolls I had found; a scroll of noise, and, to my shock, a scroll of summoning! A pet abomination appeared, and I allowed it to follow me to level 8.

Level 8

I instantly came up against an oklob plant. Knowing how awful this could be, I sent my abomination to it.

In one move, a spit of acid from the plant seriously injured me. I hoped my abomination could shield me, and drank curing before finding cover. When I returned, the plant was gone, and my abomination wounded.

I found a ring, and the Lair nearby, surrounded by mushrooms. One of them was a wandering mushroom, an enemy I had not seen before.

I tried a spell of pain, but it resisted. My abomination disappeared.

The mushroom was not moving quickly, and a few hits of my axe wounded it... but then I was hit by spores, which wounded me equally. I moved back, and tried my wand of frost. The mushroom died!

I explored the level before the lair, but ran into a centaur, and was wounded with arrows when I ran. I enslaved it as I had the previous one, and ran to the Lair to heal.

when I came back I had an easier time getting beside the centaur. My axe killed it easily and I was exp level 9!

I ran into Blork, and sucked away his life.

Then I found Sigmund, but I wasn't afraid of him. My axe killed him easily.

I went down to level 9, but had trouble with an orc priest; therefore, I decided to try the Lair.

The Lair

I ran into trouble the moment I moved into the lair; a giant lizard injured me more quickly than I had expected, and my vampiric spell was not effective enough. Death approached, and I used the only way I knew to save me... a scroll of fear. It ran and I killed it with pain.

The rest of the level was easy, and I left with a new wand.


I ran into some frogs, and took one, a giant frog, up the stair, which I killed easily. I went back

My battle with a spiny frog, however, was harder, for it was very powerful. I enslaved it and escaped, but not before running into a giant lizard.

Now I tried to turn them to my side. I enslaved the lizard and had it fight the spiny frog, but they both escaped without much injury, and came after me. I tried my wands; a wand of flame, and a wand of fire! The fire killed them in ways my axe failed to do.

I killed a giant slug and found a shop, but it had no items of interest.

I ended the level with more kills, and by this time I realised my problem was armour. I had only leather, and enemies were doing huge damage to me. With my tome of frost magic, I learned the icy armour spell, in hopes I could reduce the damage I received.


I came across the ghost of Radicchio, a demonspawn and experienced necromancer like myself. I, however, believed I had the advantage, for he was undead, and I had a power against him. Still, I went back up to Lair:2 to try to find a way to him I could more easily escape from.

The other stair was worse, for it went to a cave full of frogs. I decided to try the ghost.

A giant lizard got there first, however, biting me the moment I came back! I fought it upstairs after drinking a potion of might, but it wounded me. I sucked out its life and went back.

The ghost was almost destroyed with my Dispel spell, but I ran out of magic and waited while the ghost blinked to escape me. I didn't find him, but knew that if I had to fight him one more, I could easily destroy him.

The lair was becoming difficult for me. I decided to return to the Dungeon.

Dungeon level 9

I went down by a different way and landed next to an orc warrior, who almost killed me with his scimitar; only a scroll of fear and spells of pain saved me, with 2HP left. I rested and went on, to run into an eye of draining. I almost killed it, but orcs came upon me and a priest almost smited me to death. I went back to level 8 to rest, then went back, killed the orcs, and the eye of draining when it was defenceless. An orc warrior was killed by my axe's electric power, an orc priest by pain. Another priest resisted my pain with lots of healing, but eventually the kill earned me my tenth exp level!

I finally found the scroll of enchant weapon I, and the scroll of recharging.

A few kills later Kiku gave me my first power, to recall undead slaves. I had none to recall, but I was glad Kiku had noticed me. A while later, however, he removed the power from me. I obviously wasn't killing enough for him.

Level 10

I enslaved an ogre to battle a lot of monsters, but when the hill giants came up I knew I couldn't win. I ran to level 9 by a different way, into an orc wiz, which I killed. But then I was stuck between orc warriors and an ice beast, and my only option was to teleport.

I failed. The ice monster froze me to death.

        5283 Lagus the Reanimator (level 10, -8/53 HPs)
            Began as a Deep Elf Death Knight on Nov 26, 2008.
            Was a Follower of Kikubaaqudgha.
            Mangled by an ice beast (12 damage)
            ... on Level 9 of the Dungeon on Nov 27, 2008.
            The game lasted 04:57:28 (12827 turns).