Death Rattle

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Exhales the essence of the dying, creating clouds of noxious miasma.

Death Rattle is a monster-only spell that blasts the target with a line of miasma clouds (similar to a catoblepas's petrification breath). This deals a small amount of impact damage, and creatures that end their turns in miasma are slowed, poisoned, and rotted. Poison resistance only negates the poison effect; to have full resistance, one must either have rot resistance (gained by being undead, a gargoyle or vine stalker, having Zin's Vitalisation active, or being in certain forms) or have complete immunity to clouds (worshiping Qazlal or wearing a scarf of cloud immunity).

Much like other harmful cloud-generating spells, Death Rattle cannot create miasma in tiles that already have a cloud — a scroll of fog will keep the miasma off you as long as the fog lasts. Barring that, just be sure to move out of the miasma clouds as soon as they are generated, as they only affect you if you end your turn in them.

The following enemies cast Death Rattle: