Demonic Guardian

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Rank Effect Flavor
1 Chance to automatically summon a weak demonic ally when damaged. A weak demonic guardian rushes to your aid.
2 Summons average demons. A demonic guardian rushes to your aid.
3 Summons powerful demons. A powerful demonic guardian rushes to your aid.

Summons may occur after taking damage. You may shoot through guardians harmlessly.
See Demonic Guardian page for exact mechanics and history.

Good mutation, Demonspawn mutation


After taking damage, you will receive a demonic guardian with a chance equal to the percentage of the damage to your maximum health. Additionally, attacks that take 50% of your health at once or that leave you with less than 20% of your health will always summon a demonic guardian.

After receiving a guardian you will not receive another one for another (1+mutlevel) to (20+mutlevel) turns. The guardians always spawn friendly and won't be angered even if you attack them. Also, you can shoot ranged weapons and cast spells through your guardians without harming them. Even explosions like Fire Storm won't hurt demonic allies.

The strength of the demonic guardian is based on both the mutation level and your experience level:

  Tier = mutlevel + ((XL - 9) / 9) 
Tier Demons
1 5 Quasit.png quasit, 5 White imp.png white imp, 5 Ufetubus.png ufetubus, 5 Iron imp.png iron imp, or 5 Shadow imp.png shadow imp
2 4 Orange demon.png orange demon, 4 Ice devil.png ice devil, 4 Rust devil.png rust devil, or 4 Hellwing.png hellwing
3 3 Soul eater.png soul eater, 3 Smoke demon.png smoke demon, 3 Sixfirhy.png sixfirhy, or 3 Sun demon.png sun demon
4 2 Balrug.png balrug, 2 Reaper.png reaper, 2 Lorocyproca.png lorocyproca, 2 Cacodemon.png cacodemon, or 2 Hell beast.png hell beast
5 1 Executioner.png Executioner, 1 Hell Sentinel.png Hell sentinel, or 1 Brimstone fiend.png Brimstone fiend


  • Prior to 0.28, Okawaru did not suppress this mutation, as it did not forbid all allies.
  • Prior to 0.27, guardians were summoned based on current tension rather than after being damaged. Also, the player couldn't shoot projectiles and cast spells through them.
  • Prior to 0.14, this mutation was suppressed while worshiping Okawaru, as allowing an ally to die caused you to lose piety.