Demonic Guardian

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Rank Effect Flavor
1 Automatically summon a weak demonic ally when in danger (quasit, white imp, ufetubus, iron imp, or shadow imp). A weak demonic guardian rushes to your aid.
2 Summons average demons (orange demon, ice devil, soul eater, smoke demon, or sixfirhy). A demonic guardian rushes to your aid.
3 Summons powerful demons (executioner, balrug, reaper, cacodemon, or lorocyproca). A powerful demonic guardian rushes to your aid.

Summons occur when tension is high and end when tension drops. Higher ranks require higher tension to trigger. See Demonic Guardian page for exact mechanics.

Good mutation, Demonspawn mutation


You will receive a demonic guardian when the following condition is met:

   (3/4)*tension > mutlevel*6 + 1d(2*mutlevel*mutlevel) - 1

Note that this check occurs every turn, until a guardian is summoned. Thus, the random factor simply makes summons take longer for 'middling' tensions.

After receiving a guardian you will not receive another one for another (1+mutlevel) to (20+mutlevel) turns. Guardians have a 2/3 chance of vanishing each turn if tension drops below the requisite amount required to summon them, although they are guaranteed to exist for 4-7 turns. The guardians always spawn friendly, but will be angered if you attack them. Hostile guardians will not unsummon.


Prior to 0.14, this mutation was suppressed while worshiping Okawaru.