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Version 0.15: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
The Hunter is a type of fighter who specialises in missile weapons. A Hunter starts with either some throwing weapons or a ranged weapon and some ammunition, as well as a short sword and a set of leathers.


Preferred Races

High Elf, Hill Orc, Halfling, Kobold, Ogre, Troll and Centaur are the recommended races if you pick a Hunter background.

Starting Equipment

Some species may receive different items based on their unique restrictions.

Starting Skills and Stats

These are adjusted by your species' aptitudes.

Choosing Hunter adds 4 to your starting Strength, 3 to your starting Intelligence and 5 to your starting Dexterity.


Hunters are good for players who either want to play a missile weapon-based fighter, or for those who want to play a melee character but want a useful to way soften up early-game nasties such as ogres before they get into melee range.


Prior to 0.15, Hunters that chose javelins started with only 5 and did not have throwing nets. Further, their starting skills were the same as other hunters. All hunters began with 2 levels of Fighting.

Prior to 0.14, Hunters started with 20 gold.

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