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Version 0.29: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

This page is about the player species. For the monster, see Ogre (monster). For a list of all monstrous ogres, see List of ogres.

Ogres are huge, chunky creatures who are very strong and robust, but are not nimble at all. They possess a raw talent for magic, but are poor at making use of magical devices. Ogres mature almost as quickly as Humans.

Their preferred methods of avoiding beatings are dodging and the use of shields, but they can also use armours made from magical hides, since these accommodate their large frames. Ogres are proficient at using all types of melee weapons, yet all sophisticated forms of missile combat are too awkward for them. They are, however, good at throwing things, in particular boulders.

Innate Abilities

Ogres have a base Strength of 11, Intelligence of 9, and Dexterity of 4 (before Background modifiers) and normal base magic points.

Preferred Backgrounds

Level Bonuses

Starting Skills and Equipment

Ogres start with the skills and equipment listed for their background, with the following exceptions:

Difficulty of Play


Ogres enjoy a number of advantages over other species, but have an equal amount of disadvantages. They have an immense amount of HP naturally and train Fighting faster than any other species, but their inability to wear most armour coupled with their large size leaves them with miserable AC and EV in the early game. On the plus side, their offenses become powerful once trained, with access to both giant spiked clubs and large rocks. They also make quite solid spellcasters, being fairly unique in that they are a large, +30% hit point race which is adept at learning magic. They learn all schools equally well, and with high spellcasting aptitude, can easily pick up many lower level spells, or train specific schools with only a very minor (-1) aptitude penalty.

Skill aptitudes

The higher the value, the better the aptitude.

Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude
Attack Miscellaneous Magic
Fighting 3 Armour -2 Spellcasting 1
Short Blades -1 Dodging -1 Conjurations -1
Long Blades -1 Stealth -2 Hexes -1
Maces & Flails -1 Shields 0 Summonings -1
Axes 0 Necromancy -1
Polearms 0 Invocations 1 Translocations -1
Staves 0 Evocations -2 Transmutations -1
Unarmed Combat -1
Experience 0 Fire Magic -1
Throwing 0 Ice Magic -1
Ranged Weapons -3 Air Magic -1
Earth Magic -1
Poison Magic -1


  • Ogres are one of the few species capable of wielding giant clubs. While giant weaponry has the highest base damage of all melee weapons, it will take quite a bit of training with a low aptitude to get them to a usable level of accuracy and attack delay.
  • Because of their large size and inability to wear most armour, ogres can have trouble with defenses. However, ogres can utilize large shields with significantly less skill training than most other species.
  • Large rocks are extremely deadly in the hands of a skilled Ogre, but will start out at 20 aut delay. It requires 26 skill to throw a large rock at min delay (7 auts), or 20 skill to throw one in one turn (10 auts). Their extremely high damage makes this very worthwhile, but keep an eye on how long the action will take when you are around dangerous enemies.
  • With only -1 in all spell schools and a strong spellcasting aptitude, they are one of the best choices for a high durability spellcaster. The ability to mix brute strength with adequate spellcasting is what sets them apart from trolls, who are generally better at purely physical builds.


  • Prior to 0.29, ogres had a -2 Shields aptitude (buffed to compensate for a shield nerf in 0.28).
  • Prior to 0.20, ogres had +3 Maces & Flails aptitude, and were much worse with magic skills. In 0.20 they were reworked to make their weapon choice less of a "no-brainer" and allow easier access to magic skills.
  • Prior to 0.16, ogres started with an extra bread ration. Also, ogre hunters and artificers began with a club instead of a short sword.
  • Prior to 0.15, ogres had Saprovore 1 and Fast Metabolism.
  • Prior to 0.13, ogre hunters and artificers began with a short sword instead of a club.
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