Repel Missiles

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Repel missiles.png Repel Missiles
Level 2
School1 Air
School2 Charms
Source(s) Book of Air
Book of Minor Magic
Casting noise 1
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 50
Reduces the chance of projectile attacks striking the caster, making them easier to dodge. Single-target attacks are much easier to repel than penetrating attacks. Each time a missile is repelled the spell has a chance of expiring, with a lower chance of expiry at high power.

Repel Missiles is a level 2 Air/Charms spell which moderately protects the caster from ranged attacks.


When the spell is cast repelling missiles (Repel) status is gained. This status will not time out, instead on each successful deflection there is one in 2 + <power> / 8[1] chance of losing the status. The status can also be lost by magic-dispelling effects (like potion of cancellation or Quicksilver Bolt) or forgetting the spell.

While active Repel Missiles reduces the to-hit of ranged attacks against the caster to a random value between:

  • vs single-target beams: 0% - 100% of its normal value
  • vs penetrating bolts: 50% - 100% of its normal value[2]

This spell only helps you to evade ranged attacks; it has no effect on your ability to block them.

Deflect Missiles is a more advanced version of Repel Missiles and its effect overrides Repel Missiles' effect.


Although this spell is inferior to Deflect Missiles, it's still much better than nothing, especially in the early Dungeon when Deflect Missiles isn't available and you might encounter centaurs (who have made pincushions of many a low-level player). It's also easier to cast, making it useful for hybrid-style casters who might not be ready for Deflect Missiles yet. Knowing either of the two spells is very useful while exploring the Shoals, the Elven Halls, and other areas infested with enemies who love to shoot at you.

Other sources

  • The Amulet of the Air is an unrandart amulet that produces a permanent repel missiles effect.
  • Demonspawn with the Repulsion Field will eventually develop a permanent repel missiles effect as well.
  • Worshipers of Qazlal will eventually acquire a permanent Repel Missiles effect with enough piety.


Repel Missiles was removed as a spell in 0.20. However, other sources still exist.

Prior to 0.14, repelling missiles status expired based on a timer.


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