Fugue of the Fallen

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Fugue of the fallen.png Fugue of the Fallen
Level 3
School1 Necromancy
Source(s) Book of Battle
Book of Dreams
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 8
Power Cap 100
Hated By Elyvilon
The Shining One
Flags Selfench
Calls out to the lingering remnants of the long dead. While active, each non-summoned enemy the caster or their allies slays attracts more vengeful souls into the caster's weapon, temporarily enhancing their melee and ranged effectiveness. When this bonus reaches its maximum, every hit will unleash a glimmer of the dead's suffering, causing pain damage to each other foe adjacent to your target.

Recasting this spell will release your grip on the souls you've attracted, resetting any bonus you've accumulated, and the cacophonous wailing of the dead may attract unwanted attention even while you maintain it.

Fugue of the Fallen is a level 3 Necromancy spell that gives you a slaying bonus when you or your allies kill monsters.

Useful Info

Grants the Fugue status. Each time you or an ally kill a monster while this status is active, you gain a +1 slaying bonus. This stacks up to 7 slaying in total. The status also creates loud noises.

If you are at the maximum of 7 slaying, you additionally deal 2d(3 + power/25) negative energy damage to all enemies adjacent to the target.[1]

The status lasts for 24 + (1dpower + 1d(pow + 1))/2 turns.[2] If you recast the spell, the duration resets, but the slaying bonus also resets.