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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Name Gauntlets
Size to wear small, medium
Armour Class 1
Encumbrance rating +0
Maximum Enchantment +2
Grants nothing
Time to Wear 5

A pair of gauntlets.

Gauntlets are a form of armour worn on a character's hand slot, providing +1 base AC and capable of being enchanted for an additional +2 AC. They are nearly identical to gloves, except that gloves cannot generate as gauntlets of War. They may generate with the following egos:


Wearing cursed gauntlets prevents you from equipping or removing your rings. Also, gauntlets are incompatible with the Claws mutation; wearing gauntlets over a rank 1 or 2 mutation will negate the mutation, and a rank 3 mutation makes gauntlets unwearable.

Mundane Glove1.png
Magical/Artifact Glove2.png Glove3.png Glove4.png Glove5.png
Unrandart Gauntlets
Gauntlets of War Gauntlets of war.png


In 0.14, gauntlets were removed in favor of making all hand-slot armour gloves.