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Version 0.14: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Glaciate.png Glaciate
Level 9
School1 Conjuration
School2 Ice
Casting noise 9
Spell noise 25
This spell conjures forth a mighty blast of ice; targets within its cone-shaped area of effect take progressively more ice damage the closer they are to the caster. Targets hit by the blast are encased in ice, slowing their movement for a few turns; targets killed by the blast may be frozen into solid blocks of ice.
Spell Details
Damage Formula 7d((66+3*Power)/(7*max(3,range)))
Max Damage 7d32
Max Power 200
Range 6
Targeting Beam
Special Area, clouds of freezing vapour, Movement slowing

Glaciate is a level 9 Conjurations/Ice Magic spell which creates a huge unavoidable blast of ice and freezing vapour. Like Fire Storm, it inflicts incredible damage, up to 7d32 damage at max spellpower, and it even pierces cold resistance better than Fire Storm pierces fire resistance (60% irresistible vs. 45%). Affected monsters will be encased in ice, causing them to walk, fly, or swim 4 auts slower. Additionally, monsters killed by this spell may turn into blocks of ice (which later melt, leaving no corpse).


Glaciate was introduced in 0.14, replacing Ice Storm.