Freezing Cloud

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Freezing cloud.png Freezing Cloud
Level 5
School1 Air
School2 Conjuration
School3 Ice
Source(s) Trismegistus Codex
Book of Vapours
Casting noise 6
Spell noise 2
Power Cap 200
Range 5
Flags Area, Cloud, Needs tracer, Target
Conjures up a large cloud of lethally cold vapour.
Spell Details
Damage Formula 0
Max Damage 0
Max Power 200
Range 5
Targeting Smite
Special Cloud damage: (2d16)/2 + 5 (cold)
Cloud duration: 3d(Power/4)

Freezing Cloud is a level 5 Conjurations/Air Magic/Ice Magic spell which creates a mass of damaging freezing vapours.

Useful Info

Creates 8 to 10 clouds of freezing vapour around a smite-targeted tile (range 5). This spell uses "flood fill": casting it on an open space will create a perfect 3x3 square (if you get 9 clouds), but using it in a corridor will spread the same 9 clouds throughout the corridor. For the purposes of flood fill, existing clouds are considered as solid objects. Clouds can spill out of line of sight, though they will dissipate instantly.

Freezing vapours deal (2d16)/2 + 5 (6-21) cold damage per turn, ignoring EV but not AC. Spellpower does not increase damage of clouds, it only increases the duration.

Clouds cannot replace other clouds. You are unable to target or affect a tile that already has another cloud on it. Creatures inside another cloud will be safe from Freezing Cloud (unless they willingly step into it).

Any player-created cloud will vanish immediately when outside their line of sight.


A powerful and MP-efficient spell, great if you can get it by the Lair and/or its branches. Many enemies in the Lair itself, Snake, and Swamp are cold-blooded, while clouds ignore the high EV of many enemies in Spider. It still performs well in later branches (Vaults, Elf), and can slow draconians in Zot. Also, it is smite-targeted, meaning you can use clouds to snipe pesky boggarts and the like.

Knowledge of enemy AI can be useful with this spell. Enemies with high HP and high HD will walk right through the clouds (if you place clouds in the shortest path). Enemies with low HP will tend to avoid entering the clouds, which you can use to your advantage. However, if an enemy is already in a harmful cloud, it won't try to avoid stepping into another cloud.

Tips & Tricks

  • Be careful using it in hallways, as it can easily hit you if you cast it at too short a range.
  • Also be careful when using this spell around allies. Unless your allies are immune to cold (Summon Ice Beast, namely), the clouds will either harm them or get in their way.
  • The mass of icy mist around an enemy can prevent them from hitting you with fire-based magic and attacks. Fire dragons and orbs of fire, for instance, will waste their attacks dispersing the clouds in front of them, saving you from taking the hit.
  • All clouds prevent other clouds from being placed on their tile. Assuming you have rC++ or so, spawning ice clouds on your own tile is a good defensive mechanism against a number of cloud-spawning enemies, like red draconians or apocalypse crabs.
  • If you happen to know a sleeping enemy is around a corner, you can hit them before they enter your line of sight by casting the spell at a tile adjacent to the foe. The enemy will take damage and wake up, but won't automatically know you're there. They will instead wander around, potentially giving you a chance at another attack before they start retaliating.
  • All worshippers of Qazlal are immune to their own clouds, making this spell much more safe and versatile.

Monster Version

The monster version of this spell functions similarly to the player version.

The following enemies cast Freezing Cloud:

The following enemies may be able to cast Freezing Cloud, depending on their spell set:


"Flood fill" treats clouds as solid objects.


  • Prior to 0.27, this spell was a level 6 Conjurations/Air Magic/Ice Magic spell.
  • Prior to 0.20, freezing vapours would dissipate faster when over lava.
  • Prior to 0.19, player-created clouds did not dissipate instantly when out of LOS, only *4 faster.
  • Prior to 0.14, cloud durations were not affected by being out of LOS.