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Version 0.29: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Gnolls are brutish dog-like monsters found early in the game. They are almost always found in groups and usually wield flails or halberds. New adventurers should be wary of them, since they can hit much harder than most enemies in the early Dungeon. Sometimes they carry throwing nets to pin you in place.

Gnoll Types

g Gnoll.png Gnoll - An angry dog-headed humanoid, only as dangerous as the weapon it wields.

g Gnoll sergeant.png Gnoll sergeant- Significantly stronger than a standard gnoll, they tend to have better equipment and often carry healing potions or shields.

g Gnoll bouda.png Gnoll shaman- Gnollish support casters who can heal and Haste their allies while highlighting you.

Unique Gnolls

g Crazy Yiuf.png Crazy Yiuf- Clam drain pasta spittle! Rot pontify action! Marry what a flowbot? (This deranged gnoll's quarterstaff of chaos is just as crazy as he is.)

g Grum.png Grum- A modestly powerful gnoll who hunts adventurers with the help of a pack of ferocious wolves.

g Grunn.png Grunn - An alternate, undead version of Grum who serves Ereshkigal with a pack of doom hounds.