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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This page is about the gnoll monster. For the player race, see Gnoll. For a list of all monstrous gnolls, see list of gnolls.

gnoll gGnoll.png
HP 8-18
HD 2
XP 14
Speed 10
AC 2
EV 9
Will 10
Attack1 6 (hit: plain)

Resistances None
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Weapons & armour
Starting equipment
Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type gnoll, gnoll
Flags Speaks
A taller and better-equipped relative of goblins and orcs, somewhat doglike in appearance.

“Then he descended softly and beckoned to Nuth. But the gnoles had watched him through knavish holes that they bore in trunks of the trees, and the unearthly silence gave way, as it were with a grace, to the rapid screams of Tonker as they picked him up from behind — screams that came faster and faster until they were incoherent. And where they took him it is not good to ask, and what they did with him I shall not say.”
-Lord Dunsany, “How Nuth Would Have Practised His Art Upon the Gnoles”. 1912.

Useful info

Gnolls are brutish monsters found early in the game. They are usually found in groups and often wield dangerous weapons, particularly polearms. New adventurers should be wary of them, since they can hit for much harder than most enemies at a comparable depth. Sometimes they carry throwing nets to pin you in place.

D:1 Gnolls will always generate alone, and without nets.


Gnolls are the number one killer of player characters in the game, with more than 5% of all online deaths attributed to them. Treat them with respect!

  • Unless you're still on the first floor, seeing one gnoll almost guarantees there are at least three more behind it. All of them could be carrying nets and spears. In the worst case scenario, you'll be poked by 4 gnolls at a time while trapped in a net.
  • If you do see a gnoll on the first floor, then it is a highly dangerous enemy, simply because it is a very strong enemy at that level. Consider using your consumable, divine abilities, etc. to take it out.

Later in the game, you'll see gnolls with gnoll bouda and gnoll sergeants.

Tips & Tricks

  • Divide and conquer. Gnolls are typically asleep in packs when you first meet them. Don't let them all see you at once, or you'll have to fight all of them at once, or one after the other. Both ways are dangerous. Lure them away one at a time.
  • Using a corridor tactic with a gnoll pack can be dangerous as some spawn with polearms. Stair dancing is safe, though you may have difficulty luring the polearm-wielding ones up the stairs.
  • If you see them wielding halberds, expect high damage in melee combat.
  • Struggling free from nets might not be something you have time for. You can quickly free yourself from nets by blinking or teleporting away. Alternatively, Conjurers and Elementalists can blast enemies through nets and escape once they're safe (though this does not get you out of the net any faster).


  • In 0.27, the hidden weapon penalties for monsters were removed, so all monsters now attack faster and hit harder with weapons. To compensate, gnolls' base damage was nerfed (9 -> 6). Also, the famed D:1 halberd gnoll was removed - they can only spawn with halberds from D:2 onwards.
  • Prior to 0.18, gnolls on D:1 could spawn with nets.
  • Prior to 0.9, you could find packs of gnolls in D:1.