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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Nausea is a status effect that prevents characters from eating food until it wears off. It sometimes occurs when susceptible species eat a contaminated chunk of meat.

Nauseated characters may only consume food if they are at, or near, starving, but doing so is penalized. Permafood only provides 50% of its normal nutrition, and chunks restore even less (15% - 35%). On top of this, eating any sort of food has a chance of inflicting sickness.

There is something wrong with this meat. (Onset of nausea)

You can't stomach food right now! (Trying to eat while nauseous but not starving)
You force it down, but cannot stomach much of it. (Eating food while nauseous)
That was not very filling. (Eating a chunk while nauseous)
That was extremely unsatisfying. (Eating a chunk while nauseous)
You feel ill. (Onset of sickness)

Your stomach is not as upset anymore, and you want to eat. (Nausea ends)


Nausea was introduced in 0.10 to prevent tedious workarounds of the sickness status effect, and was removed in 0.13 in favor of other food reform ideas.