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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Transforms the target into a pig. The target moves swiftly but cannot cast spells. The caster's demise will cause the transformation to end.

Porkalator is a monster-only spell. If it beats a willpower check, it turns the target into a pig. For players, you are temporarily forced into Pig Form. This melds all equipment except amulet, prevents spellcasting, and greatly weakens your Unarmed Combat. Monsters are turned into a hog, hell hog, or holy swine, for natural, demonic, and holy monsters respectively. Players do not get these alternate forms.

Like the Polymorph spell, players can be immune by being undead or in another bad form, and can resist this spell with willpower. Monsters that are undead or nonliving are immune to this spell.

The following enemies cast Porkalator:

Tips & Tricks

  • As with any other non-damaging enchantment, high willpower will help you to avoid becoming porkalated. Will+++ reduces the success rate to single digit percentages.
  • You can end this form early by quaffing a potion of cancellation.