Pressure plate

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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

One of the floor stones doesn't seem that sturdy, and you notice that it is a trigger of some sort, though you can't tell what kind of trap it is attached to.

Pressure plate.png

A pressure plate is a trap which inflicts no direct damage; instead it causes some pre-scripted, generally bad event to happen.

Possible Results

  • Spiders: You are immediately surrounded by eight spiders.
A basket of spiders falls from above!
A coloured vial drops from a hatch in the ceiling!
  • Cells: In a corridor at least nine tiles long, indestructible gates shut down on either end and four doors to single cell chambers appear in each wall (eight total). Behind each door waits a monster of greatly varying strength, from giant newts to ogres, ettins, and freezing wraiths. The last door opened reveals an exit behind the monster. All monsters are initially sleeping; spellcasting inside the trap will wake them, this also includes blinking and teleporting.
Iron gates slam shut around you.

You now see doors in the walls!

  • Monster Chamber: A portion of the wall adjacent to the pressure plate will disappear, revealing a room full of monsters which immediately attack you.


Prior to 0.16, you could levitate/fly over them if you managed to find one before stepping on it.