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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Its wearer takes one free step when moving towards enemies.
The 8 directions you can rampage.
Monsters "a knight's move" away cannot be rampaged to.

Rampaging is an ego found on boots and artefacts, and innate to Armataurs. When the wearer moves directly towards an enemy (i.e. the enemy is positioned in one of the 8 directions from the wearer), they move one additional space without taking any additional time. If the wearer is only one space away from their target, they move next to the target and immediately make a melee attack.

Cheibriados disapproves of this ego; attempting to use this ego anyway as a Cheibriadite will quickly sap your piety. (Cheibriados doesn't mind Armataur rampaging, however)


These boots will reduce the number of attacks you take while moving towards ranged enemies, which can make it useful for melee characters. In the event you find yourself with a horde in front of you and a weak enemy in another direction, these boots can aid you in your escape if you move towards them.

Tips & Tricks

  • Stabbers can get guaranteed stabs against foes 1 empty square away.
  • Be cautious if you move towards an enemy in fog of war; you will uncover twice as many squares with each step, and may find yourself in a much more dangerous situation than you anticipated.
  • Be mindful if you're trying to approach a staircase. If you want to move at normal speed, try zig-zagging, or moving in alternating diagonal directions.
  • Followers of the Wu Jian Council don't benefit from rampaging. No martial attacks can activate from the free step, so it can prevent both Lunge and Whirlwind from working.

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Rampaging was added in 0.26, replacing the running ego on boots.