Summon Hydra

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Version 0.24: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Summon hydra.png Summon Hydra
Level 7
School1 Summoning
Source(s) Book of Beasts
Fen Folio
Casting noise 6
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 200
Summons Limit 3
Summons a many-headed hydra to fight alongside the caster for a short time.

Summon Hydra is a level 7 Summoning spell which summons a friendly hydra.


A hydra with 4 to 12 heads is summoned. The number of heads depends on spell power, but it's quite rare to get more than 8. The duration of the summon does not depend on the spell power and is always very short, around 9 turns.

The number of heads is (1d<power> - 1) / 6, but at least 4 and at most 12. There is always an 83% chance that the number of heads is limited to 8.[1]

Monster Version

The following enemies cast Summon Hydra:

Note that Bai Suzhen cannot cast this spell while in the storm dragon form.


  • Summon Hydra was added in 0.8.